TLDR: Edit your FX files to better take advantage of raycast

Raycast functions and works well as a drop-in application, but you can put the shader to better use by editing the fx files or the textures.
In the example normalMapLoopNum has been increased to 25 from 5. This variable ,more or less, determines how many times the texture will repeat itself. So each thread in the texture becomes less visible, making the shirt look more like cotton than when it originally looked burlap or loose knit.
Smoothness, metalness, and specular were reduced to minimize the shininess of the shirt. If you wanted a latex or satin look you might want to increase it instead.
CUSTOM_ENABLE was changed from 5 to 3 while I don't know what it actually does, changing it also effected the the shininess of the shirt.

Model: Bache by yokuneru
Shader: Raycast 1.5.0 with Golden Hour skybox