It's a little four-legged bug golem! It's really small, so these types of constructs are typically used for surveillance and as early warning systems. And when no one's looking, they gather 'round and start dancing Crab Rave.

The eyes and the heart are made to automatically glow with AutoLuminous, just like the previous golem. Every bone is in him is custom-made from scratch, no pre-built skeleton was used, meaning it's not compatible with any dance motions. But you know what? I don't care. Do something else with him, something better, something with a bit of originality, for fucks sake.

There's gonna be more golem models in the future, at unspecified time, I have lots of ideas for these buggers, but in the meantime, expect my usual content.

Don't forget to share the works you've made with him, feel free to DM me directly. ^^
If you want to share this model with somebody else, please link them to this page instead of sharing the file directly.