This model pack for the male samurai models is roughly 660 mb. The link goes threw adfly. So, here's what you need to do to download the file. Once, one adfly there is a counter in the upper right side of the secreen counting down from 5 seconds. It will change to skip ad. Click the button and you be re directed to my mediafire download post.

The zip password is the ye4 engine id number. To find to use id number. It will be in samurai warriors/ binaries/ win64 an you will find a file called : SamuraiShodown-Win64-Shipping.exe

Right click the file and go to properties/ details. You will find a ue4 thing saying ue4 version 4.21. (random numbers for the updated build edition.) I Did leave all psk models for non mmd users in the models/ mesh folder. An the textures aplha maps have been fixed .

download link :

If you wanna help donate or commission me. My paypal link is right here :;source=url