You can download the model here:

Just note if you wan't the key. You will have to either pay $5, 500 Nintendo eshop points, or a Steam code. Once, any payment of $5 is validated. I will give you a private message with the key.

The model uses 2 sliders for the painted body textures, a bone for the jaw, and physics. For what I could. Given most areas where way to close. To really give a detailed rig. =.= Since, I know people would try to dick me over . I'm gonna be a bit more strict on models. That took a bit longer to rig . Mainly due, to model parts being so close (fingers pants etc) that made rigging . Harder than it should have been.

So I would appreciate people understanding. That yes I love to rig models. But, I would like come compensation for my time. Rigging over 3 gb of models for mikumikudance :/