So since, Mrcookieblaster decided to look alot of models. An force users to follow his rules. Ignoring he has no copyright authority over all of the copyrighted content in this model pack. I wen't ahead and, made the files re editable. So anyone can do as they please. As long as it stays within fair-use. Most of the Five nights at Rachaels and, Loonatics, chucky cheese, and some mario models weren't shown in the render. Since, they would have got cut off. So those files are also included. You can download the 221 mb model pack from either of the model download links below,

Mediafire (still going threw adfly till people grow up)-!bcclgSIR!x1ogIzXHas-Zk87zDW01SeFb7WZ8D2N_1-du5g_JEA0
If either file is still in proccessing . Please, bookmark the dl page and, check back later if you still want the files.