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Welp... I have committed a sin and dabbled in this heretical action.
For anyone wondering this is the heretical options on the poll of "what I should do next".
Was kinda inspired to do this because I got both a shiny Gardevoir and a G-max shiny Hatterene

This model is empty and not rigged but I got it to work. And added even more things to it.
My thanks to Zy0n7 for both these godly wonderful pokemon models, you can find him at:

I apologize there is no download, and for good reasons, HOWEVER! Zy0n7 has the model up for sale with my rigged works.
You can find it here:

Do not worry my next model will be for everyone. I just need to practice a bit. I didn't think I would be naturally good at rigging empty models first time around.

Model by Zy0n7
Rigged by me

Follow me at:

How I feel at the moment for dabbling in heresy:


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Zy0n7 has the model up for sale.
You can find it here if you want the model:

WoW ... i never expected you of all the to rig pokemon models ...
... and of all, Zy0n7 models ! ... respect (OwO)

This deserve way more than just 10 likes !

Sadly Zy0n7 prices are still high as ever (i know, not much for his 3D work, but way to much to just try out and then maybe never use it again)