Hello guys, this is my first render image of MMD. I was trying to use ray-mmd to get a more realistic look, also tried to made the texture of the hair. Hope you like it.

大家好, 這是我首個用Ray-MMD渲染的圖片,我試著去改Ray-MMD中的參數去令圖片中的物品更具真實感,在頭髮上更是自己加上了height和normal map的部分。希望大家看得出來。

Things that i used:

Model: Tda式改変ミク JKStyle (by Tda)
スマホ3(前面カメラ無) (by Umk)

Motion: セクシーポーズ集(自撮り)v2.0 (by Umk)

MME: Ray-MMD 1.5.0

Stage: RedialC_EpRoomTortuosity (by RedialC)

Camera: ME