Due, to my hardware giving out. With, the Error code; 0GFBV1-9G19s7-XD7W2k-61FG03. and product id 9hard ware failure)- 4Al72UA#ABA . I'm currently awaiting my new hard drive to arrive in roughly 14 days.

Because, I was still under warranty for my laptop. This is the ONLY reason I could get the hard drive and a system repair for free. Because, I get tons of request for rigging, porting, and updating models.

I need to start getting paid. So I can keep my system up to date and afford the maintenance. With updated ram cards and graphic cards.

So please, dont take this the wrong way. I love rigging models. But, when it comes at the expense of hardware damage from programs that can be ram heavy. I do greatly appreciate if people wanting models rigged. Please consider donating or supporting me threw PayPal payments.

My default paypal email is dionnrunk1993@gmail.com

I'll be doing motion capture down the road. But, I'll need funds to use kinnect on my laptop once it's fixed =_=