Here is an update on my progress.
also here is some information on the real life Handspring Visor

Founded in 1998 by Jeff Hawkins, Ed Colligan and Donna Dubinsky , the founders of Palm computing. Handspring was a manufacturer of PDAs that ran Palm OS.
The Visor and Visor Deluxe were introduced in 1999, The Visor had 2MBs of onboard memory and one colour option (that being black), the Visor Deluxe had a variety of translucent coloured cases and contained 8MBs of onboard memory. Both the Visor and Visor Deluxe used a 32-bit 68000 based Motorola Dragonball processor clocked at 16Mhz, ran a modified version of Palm OS 3.01, both had monochrome dot matrix displays, ran on 2 triple A batteries and utilized the proprietary Springboard expansion slot for expansion cards like Modems, Memory expansion cards, Card Readers and a Mobile phone accessory.