My entry for the contest ( that nobody knows of.. :P
First entry done by Rimoniku:

Sorry for some mistakes I make - I am new to drawing and still learning.
So your feedback is much appreciated^-^


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They're adorable! My favorite is the girl on the right, love the outfit.

Thank you!^-^ She's my favorite, too :3

nice job

Thank you very much :3

They're cute.

I like the outfit on the girl on the right - she'd look good in a nopan video :)

ikr! That would be smexy! :D

Wow! very cute. nice character!
おお! とても可愛くて、良いキャラクターです。

Thank you for introducing my first entry!

Thank you^-^
And you're very welcome! :3

oh well you have read my critism allrdy. keep up the good work youre on the right way :3