Ver1.05 D/L:
I absolutely hate rigging the shoulders on shirts. Out of every part of a model, shirt shoulders are the ones that seem the least willing to cooperate. I miss working on IA, mainly because she had shoulderless shirts which meant I didn't have to deal with this problem.
Defoko took so much longer than she should have because her shirt was such a god damned pain. It seemed to initially work fine, so I ignored it for a while, but then, on the final test, the most crucial one of all, her shirt just fucking exploded and I don't know what changed.
I. Hate. Her. Shirt's. Shoulders. Jesus christ.
And it's not like Yukari, where I was willing to give up on the shoulders because I didn't personally need the hoodie; Defoko looks wrong without her shirt to me, so it had to be done right.
Eventually, I gave up on trying to make her shirt cooperate with her body's shoulders, and just split her shoulders off into a separate material that only appeared when the shirt was off. Unfortunately, that makes her "shirt off" morph less visually appealing to watch, but damn it, I was not going to let those shoulders stay the way they were.
If it hadn't been for her shirt, Defoko may have been my best model yet. Unfortunately, her shoulders set her back to the same level as Yukari, Mayu, and V Flower.