I'm releasing some of the edited models that I'm using in my game.

Here's the link: https://arlj11.itch.io/4wins

Click on Downloads and after the pop up, on the next screen. Click on the 4Wins beach weekend model pack. You don't have to donate to get it. Check out my game while you're at it.

I mostly just cleaned up the models and removed stuff to speed up my process of making Game CG. I kept the unedited files in and few other things.

Notable changes are:

To All of them: removed collars, unneeded cloths and extra bones.

Luna: Thanks to J&J's help, She now has her hair highlights from v1.029 and matching hair color.

Roxie: Removed the large tattoo on her side.

Basically it's a cleaned up version of this file:

Have fun