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#1 2019-03-14 18:25

Will I be worry to watch videos from youtube under normal view?

2019-03-16 08:16

If what you're worried about is ecchi Iwara videos that link to YouTube, they're unlisted and are only seen by people who have the link.
The link is then shared on Iwara. It's just in case people want an uploading system they're used to.
I wouldn't recommend it personally because of YouTube's policy against explicit content taking the video down, which in that case will have to be reuploaded directly to Iwara.
If you are the one watching those videos on YouTube, though, no harm comes to the viewers of those videos, only the uploaders.

2019-03-18 04:09

Should I remind the user from the iwara side they get me youtube channel for these but not to subscribe.This is also an awful for using youtube.Pornhub,xhamster sites should be better for these video from youtube.

2019-03-21 08:06

Yeah, uploading onto an actual porn site would be better than onto YouTube.
If you're talking channels where they upload publicly, but they're just MMD animations of girls dancing in micro bikinis or whatever, it doesn't technically break YouTube's rules, but it's still risky, *ahem* as well as "risque". R-18 stuff typically has a better time surviving where R-18 content is supposed to be, so yeah. :P

2019-03-21 13:07

Okay thanks for my understanding and concern.