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#1 2017-08-11 17:07

Why is rape so common in videos here??

So many videos show girls getting raped or filmed in secret or just something among those lines... why? I'm not trying to be judgmental I just don't get it.

2017-08-11 17:56

Because rape is just common in hentai in general, unfortunately.

2017-08-11 18:35

"I don't understand your fetish."

If I had a nickel for every time this came up in porn communities, I'd be one rich bastard. Think of fetishes like basic algebra: you don't get it, but you should pretend to or everyone will laugh at you.

2017-08-11 18:40

males getting ass raped by a futa is justice LOL

2017-08-11 18:55

but rape in reality is always wrong and should be punished severely my above is only about anime porn rape nothing more because women are always the victim in anime rapes.

2017-08-11 19:17

because having a healthy relationship seems so out of reach, that instead people are turned on having sex by force or no consent
or just bored of vanilla porn

2017-08-11 20:51

Women getting raped is one of the most common sexual fantasies for both genders — I believe it's estimated that around 50% of people have had such rape fantasies. The reason why it's always women getting raped and not the other way round is because both genders typically like the idea of dominant men and submissive women, and also there's the "finding someone so attractive you can't control yourself" aspect that men like more than women and the "being found so attractive that the other person can't control themselves" aspect that women like more than men.

People don't usually talk about these fantasies out loud because for one, it's pretty weird to talk about your fantasies to begin with, and rape is certainly a very taboo subject and both men and women want to avoid the connotations that would come with everyone knowing they are turned on by the idea of rape. This results in people thinking the fantasy is much less common than it actually is, which results in people being even less willing to talk about having rape fantasies than they already were. However, in hentai, artists can do whatever they want and whatever sells, so the content is more representative of what people actually like.

2017-08-11 23:45

I think it's a sort of hypersexualization. Just like people exaggerate physical sexual characteristics in porn, people exaggerate mental sexual characteristics too. We want women to look like women to the nth degree, thin, big boobs, long head hair, little other hair. All the ways that they're different from men, we want to see exaggerated. Hypersexualized. (Same with men. We don't just want dicks, we want huge dicks. Usually, big guys with big muscles.)

And its the same with mental characteristics, and yeah, dominance-- to the point of violence-- is a masculine characteristic. We don't just want hypersexualized bodies, we want hypersexualized behaviors. Rape's a good example of that. Which is why, as Awaclus says, you find rape fantasies are pretty common. Not just in hentai, not just on pornhub, but in traditionally female porn media like romance novels too.

That's not to say that some people don't go to other extremes. There are people who get off on female domination, male masochism, sissification-- reversal of typical gender roles. It's just not as common. But going to extremes is very, very common, in all kinds of art.

2017-08-12 00:17

Cause all the people here on this website don't do nothing but just make stuff like that in mmd i olny see 1% of videos of females cowgirling the shit out of her lover or just dominatrix-ing the holy fuck out of them and draging them up and down the stairs in kinky ways. I know that sounds violent coming from me but honestly i wish this website did not have simple to same-old same-old content here. Honestly no giantess using a guy as toothpick to scrach her vagina.

2017-08-12 00:56

I think what bandages said makes sense. It's just a way to express secret wishes in an exaggerated way.

And i think it's not necessarily the wish to rape a girl, it's more the general wish to live out the dominant side that sleeps within many men. (Maybe some relict from evolution..)
I guess it's also tightly connected to bdsm which is also alot about dominant and subby relationships.

I am sure that the vaste majority of iwara users who are into extreme stuff are very kind persons irl. So i hope that OP doesn't think all the guys who like rape mmd secretly support “rape culture“, abuse or similar things irl.

I had a very surprising/weird(?) situation a few days ago on a large discord server where they have a poll every week about one “extreme“ or specific hentai topic. Depending on the topic pics get posted by the users. Story: rape won the poll, nobody posted except not even a handful persons. Posters got flamed for posting but nobody even dared to ask why or what's the appeal or whatever. Result: most ppl seem to think ppl who like extreme content are creeps which is not true.
So i am kind of glad you made the topic which gives the chance to explain it a little bit :)

2017-08-12 02:17

agreed to #10
imo plenty of reasoning, fetish is one of them, but only a few i can think of.
psychologically because doing forbidden things / something risky makes heart race more than usual. risk level equal to excitement until certain limit.
technically maybe easier to animate, most of the victims use passive motions , mostly expressions, or just be there as a sandbag animated as loop and taken from different angles.

~旦_(^O^ ) cheers

2017-08-12 03:01

I think it's gross, but everyone has their kinks. As long as they're not running around trying to force themselves on people, who cares?

2017-08-12 07:44

most of the doujins i found are rape-y, that's why when i find something that doesn't include rape and are just pairings enjoying sex i do believe there are gods so not everything has to be forced... or mind break-y or gore-y, just plain enjoyable sex and some sex games added on the mix, I try to make my videos with normal sex most of the time or dance and sex... that's kinda hard, but enjoyable in its own way.

also everyone has their own fetishes, that doesn't mean they aren't kind people outside the web, the web seems to let us take out our dark sides to play around, but that doesn't mean we are evil monsters, we are just people releasing our inner selves at a place were freedom is supposed to reign.

2017-08-12 10:30

I think a big part of it is that most people realize that these animations aren't of real people getting hurt so there's no guilt while watching it like there would be for if it were an actual person. As others have pointed out, rape is a huge taboo but also a popular fantasy, and I think a big part of something being a fantasy is a certain level of impossibility. A lot of the fetishes associated with rape (mind control, bdsm, public use, etc.) involve extremely absurd situations that nobody in the right mind would expect to happen in the real world. Lots of hentai plots revolve around absurdist scenarios like a girl walking in on a guy jacking off and getting upset he wasn't jacking it to her or was jacking it to her instead of actually doing it with her. I'm not saying those are things that can't or haven't happened but they are very clearly the unlikely scenario despite what people wish would happen. I think rape is the ultimate fantasy because it is the ultimate taboo, and MMD and other fictional scenarios are the ultimate way of indulging in fantasies because anything is possible in fiction.

2017-08-12 11:38
I think rape is the ultimate fantasy because it is the ultimate taboo, and MMD and other fictional scenarios are the ultimate way of indulging in fantasies because anything is possible in fiction.

This. It's fiction and OP shouldn't worry about it. Nobody gets hurt on iwara :)

In Germany ecchi is even protected by a law that grants the "freedom of art". It's awesome to express things in MMD/drawings that exist in our minds. Maybe I am an exception but I don't see iwara as a pure porn portal - there's more behind it because we are creating the "perfect" virtual girls. Some of them will still be in business when we're already six feet under^^

2017-08-13 02:46
This. It's fiction and OP shouldn't worry about it. Nobody gets hurt on iwara :)

Unless it's loli/shota :^))))))))

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