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#1 2021-06-14 20:09

Where I can getつみ式鏡音リンV4X Crime model?

I saw a lot of videos about 鏡音リン on the Internet, and I also want to make scenes where 初音ミク and 鏡音リン appear at the same time.
Because using different models of models will produce a great sense of contradiction, I wasted a lot of time looking for the つみ式鏡音リンV4X Crime model, but there was no result.
(Only find the normal version -https://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td31658)
Instead, the つみ式ミクさんV4X Crime model is quite easy to get(like this -https://ecchi.iwara.tv/images/model-dl-crime-miku-v4x-%E5%88%9D%E9%9F%B3...), and it let me to create some works.
I can't continue to spend time looking for it.
Can anyone help me...?