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#1 2022-11-28 10:54

Where can i get this Sour Rin model?

title says all
vid: https://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/2o3gkhy9y4uxoa6xj

i really like this model and i want to have it plz

edit: sometimes i see her in swimsuit but i guess its included in the same model just on different morph slider

2022-11-28 11:34

Google "demitasse iwara" and you'll find a forum post that has a mega link for you to download the model
As for the swimsuit, if you're talking about this https://fantia.jp/products/45487 you'll have to get it on fantia and put it on the model on pmx editor yourself
You also need to change the eye texture for it to look like the one you see in the video

2022-11-28 14:39

Thanks, got the model. I meant for the traditional swimsuit the one which is like whole body cover. Suddenly i cant find any video where she wear it.. wierd. Still you gave a big help.

2022-11-30 09:31