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#1 2020-11-19 03:15

Is virtual loli becoming banned?

I started noticing that with years and months there is less loli content and especially the type that requires more work due to the amount of detail ... Is there any ban on loli? If a video is not too extreme, as gore and such are not supported on Iwara, it should not be prevented from being uploaded here. All sizes are fine when it's virtual and Iwara being set in Japan just IMO should not follow the bigoted west that obviously sees much more real crime when banning virtual works like this.

So my question to creators would be: are you given any trouble when uploading anything loli? Or am I simply mistaken here and less content of this sort is accidental or based on the market? I'd appreciate to know your experience with this.

Admin has been lenient on this type of stuff, obviously, so I'm thankful for that but I have an impression that things are changing for the worse and if it's out of control of the owners of this site ... maybe it can be brought under control again. There is also no good way to determine the age of a virtual character and no good reason to care about it in the first place. Any fantasies potentially dangerous that are dealt with in the fantasy world and not in the real one are a good thing, that's my perspective and I would guess most here agree

2020-11-19 04:34

I've made a couple of loli videos but have removed them myself after being harassed too much.

not from Iwara themselves though, some users messaging me privately. I think it may just be a demand thing however, I don't get loli video requests.

Iwara also still has a checkbox for 'offensive content' like loli you tick if you do make a loli video. so I don't think loli is banned just not in demand right now. requesting or commissioning some might pick them up.

and myself living in the degenerate west (that hate loli but love Netflix Cuties though... sickos) I have to be careful myself. I'm trying to leave the west, to better countries, I so wish I wasn't a westerner... makes me depressed.

Japan is my dream place to go.

2020-11-19 20:01

SHAME ON THEM, on those who would harass creators for making loli content. What do they really think they're achieving? The more virtual loli, the less real interest real ones get in the real world and besides it doesn't matter - no one is getting hurt in an animation. Just don't care about them. Iwara is Japanese and I want it to stay this way, western idiots can f*** off. I really, passionately hate them. This is supposed to be a place where we have fun with either creating stuff or enjoying and appreciating it and it is generally free of any toxicity. As it should. The only toxic and harmful element is them.

2020-11-20 10:06

Before i start, i have never left a comment on a loli video or ever private messaged someone about that content despite i don't agree with it. I just don't watch it. BUT, for you to say ( The more virtual loli, the less real interest real ones get in the real world ) is the most stupid thing i have ever heard in my life. Do you really think that virtual lolis / videos stops actual pedophiles / sexual predator / rapists from sexually abusing real life kids, or helps make it happen less. That's like saying fake forced / rape videos stops rapists from raping people, or helps it make it happen less. I'm sorry, this is the internet and we all have the right to express are opinions, so i'm just giving my opinion on your statement. i wish you a good day x

2020-11-20 13:24

Of course it does. And all the data supports it. I'm guess "I wish you a good day" meant that you don't want to listen and it seems that you never did listen since your opinion is baseless. Banning porn in some countries only resulted in sexual crimes to peak, and the US has a serious problem with child sex abuse with all their crackdown on anything of this sort on the internet. Japan that is very lenient on all kinds of virtual porn has literally 100 times less sexual abuse. The same was observed in the Czech Republic, just to name one example. It is only logical, too - if someone has sexual fantasies that are illegal, they might want to wish to express them in the virtual world. Not all of them will have this mindset but some definitely will and that's good enough since virtual loli hurts nobody. Even those who will eventually abuse someone will have much more time occupied by something harmless, so everybody wins.

So you presented no argument, just "do you really believe that". Yes, I do believe that and it only makes sense and is seen to work. You only need to use your brain for maybe 5 seconds to know that it does everyone good and lessens crime in the real world. Historically prohibition of porn made rapes skyrocket, prohibition of loli and all the hysteria around it only creates more crime against real kids. Just like the prohibition of alcohol only gave gangs something to work on. So thank you for your opinion but it's simply wrong

2020-11-20 14:04

It may surprise you but i agree with everything you say in that comment. The point i'm trying to make is that we all agree child sex abuse is not only wrong but sick, my concern with the whole virtual loli and people saying it isn't real so it's fine, clearly don't see the bigger picture, and the bigger picture being is that people are getting sexually aroused by the sexual imagery and act of it being a young child. Personally i think its sick even know its virtual to get off to the imagery / implication of young children in sexual situations

2020-11-21 04:53

not here but everywhere else, yeah.
kinda funny imo to see all these sites like xvideos, twit, etc nuking lolicon content meanwhile there are self admitted "pro-contact" crawling all over these sites as well with "adult attracted minors" (AAM) following them like????

make it make sense.

2020-11-22 04:37

Miku Too Sexy, so now you agree with me that the more virtual loli there is, the less crime on real people there is? I'm glad you changed your mind so completely from one comment to another, though I don't really believe that happened. "Wrong" and "sick" are opinions - "illegal" is a matter of fact, as is that in many cases there's coercion and other abuse involved. So you're objecting to someone being aroused by something virtual that may be interpreted as an image of a child or let's say, teens or tweens, too (because really small, shapeless children are a poison for very, very few). That is what is stupid here - this kind of approach in which I can't see the smallest semblence of any critical thinking or thinking for that matter. The argument goes: "This animation hurts no one but it represents something in real life that I personally think should not sexualized, so it's wrong even though it causes no harm in the real world or even statistically lessens the harm." Yeah, you thought that one out for sure like all those others putting a "wrong" sticker on something, nevermind if the "crime" does any damage or not. Or even if the "crime" does good. All a ban can do is: 1) frustrate those who have these kinds of attractions 2) at the same time causing damage in the real world, so hey, let's ban it because someone thinks it's "wrong", there's only positives. This sort of thing is just moral grandstanding based on nothing factual, and I passionately hate it and don't want it here. That's of course, just my opinion. Really, there's no other "bigger picture" in what you're saying and you know that. Just "I don't like that this harmless thing shows something I think it's wrong to be attracted to, so I'd like to take it away or at least harass people for it." That's the "bigger picture" as I see it because you literally provided no other.

2020-11-22 04:47

Somnophiwiac, to be fair porn sites may not have the tools to go after users visiting their sites, there are just too many, so I think that may be the problem. I very much agree that their nuking of loli content is absurd and stems from the mindset that some western people have, the same that think circumcision is a valid medical procedure (spoiler alert: no it isn't, the same as there doesn't need to be a medicine that costs 3 million bucks). When I uploaded loli or even just little women that visibly had adult proportions - it was banned for "underage". Underage freaking virtual animation. Times should really be changing because I'm not sure if the admins of those porn sites are stuck in the 80s or the Middle Ages. Animated porn is the future and there's seriously no reason to ban any type of it. It's simply - don't like it, don't watch it. If it shows something that even almost everyone sees as "sick" - good, that way someone sick may fullfil their sick dreams in a virtual world instead of satiating curiosity in the real one

2020-11-22 11:14

Try to justify and defend loli animations as much as you want as that is what seems to be the most important thing here to you.. The more i read the more i see a person not knowing the real world and simply defending loli animations to the point of being delusional in justifying it, your fight seems to be a weird obsession with virtual porn and animation and that it should be the future. it's not interpretation it will never change my mind and the fact that its clearly meant to be sexual imagery of underage kids. You can say its virtual and it's not real. At the end of the day a pedophile is someone who get's sexually aroused by the imagery of underage kids in sexual situations. Your parents most be so proud of there adult son