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#1 2021-09-14 20:19

unauthorized reproduction

Hello everyone. I'm a hentai VRMMDer from Japan.
I only speak Japanese. DeepL I'm translating. I'm sorry if this doesn't come across correctly.

Twice this week, my MMD work has been repeatedly reprinted on Youtube without my permission. I'm not sure if it's the same person, but judging from the name, the time of year, and the viciousness of the repetition (see below), I'd say it's either the same person, someone related to them, or their supporters.
I filed a removal request on YoutubeStudio and both were successfully removed, but I will share the information for future use.

Violated channels 
KFDMMD  Channel subscribers 2,050 2021/09/11 Resolved The video has been removed.

In addition, until just now (until I announced this story on my account for my followers)
"This video has been removed due to a copyright infringement claim from the VRMMDer Support Channel. But now it says "This video has been removed by the user who uploaded it".
Did you delete your information from YoutubeStudio?
In my YoutubeStudio, I still have all the information that I requested to be removed and the removal was accepted by Youtube...
After the above video was deleted, another version of the same video was uploaded by a "sub-account? And it includes nudity, which is not allowed on Youtube.

KFDMMD "  1 subscriber 2021/09/13 Resolved The video has been removed.

In addition, if you look into it, it seems that they have been repeatedly trying to attract customers with their patrons by reprinting videos without permission.
It seems that the previously used KFDMMD channel, which was problematic at the time, has been removed.

皆さん、こんにちは。私は日本のHENTAI VRMMDerです。
日本語しか話せません。DeepL 翻訳しています。正しく伝わらなかったら、御免なさい。


KFDMMD  チャンネル登録者数 2,050 2021/09/11 解決済み 動画が削除されました。

「この動画は、VRMMDer 応援チャンネル から著作権侵害の申し立てがあったため削除されました。」と表示されていましたが、現在は「この動画はアップロードしたユーザーにより削除されました」になってます

KFDMMD "  チャンネル登録者数1 2021/09/13 解決済み 動画は削除されました。


2021-09-14 23:45

Suppose you flag 1 video stolen from you. Then the thief will receive 1 "Copyright Warning". The warning will expire after 90 days. His channel will survive.

Suppose you flag 3 videos stolen from other creators, for "Sexual Content". Then the thief will receive 3 "Community Guideline Warnings". His channel will be deleted immediately.

There are two types of warnings. A channel is deleted if it has 3 warnings of the same type. All warnings expire after 90 days.

(YouTube info texts on deleted videos may change at any time. It might look random. It is bot activity.)


Suppose you flag for copyright. Then will the thief know that you flagged it.
Suppose you flag for sexual content. Then will the thief never know that you flagged it. This alternative is better.

(This style of English, here above, is for the purpose, of helping Google Translate, to avoid mistakes, when translating it, to Japanese.)

「to flag」って動詞の意味は、動画に文句の旗を掛ける意味なんです。

2021-09-15 01:38

>>>goishikaigan mademou
Thanks for the information. I see, flagging "sexual content" is more effective than requesting deletion. I'll keep it in mind for future reference.

2021-09-15 15:46

Unfortunately, DeepL doesn't always support Japanese. It translates better from Japanese to English. So it's better to use a combination of Google + DeepL.

2021-09-16 01:56

Thank you, Ryuk. DeepL I convert from Japanese to English, then from the converted English to Japanese again, and repeat the copy and paste several times to see if I can understand it, and to some extent to see if the mutual reconversion is correct. However, I still can't shake the feeling of uncertainty that the other person really understands what I'm saying. I hope I'm right...