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#1 2022-08-13 16:59

Trying to remember/locate a video...

I'm trying to recall a video, probably from a year or so ago. The scenario was 1st person POV mostly, getting a private dance/grinding from I believe one of the Kancolle destroyers, in a small upscale room probably in some kind of club. During the dance, I believe the male POV character penetrates with some questionable consent, and sex ensues. There might have been a secondary frame that popped up showing a different angle during some scenes. My memory is clearly hazy on this, it was a while back, but I'd like to find the video if possible, I remember liking it. Even if it's deleted, a video/creator name would be great, I probably have it saved, but my archive is an unsorted mess so anything that could help narrow it down would be great. I've been going through files and Iwara searches for a while but haven't had any luck. Thanks for your help.