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#1 2019-12-08 03:08

Is there a faster/less painstaking way to download videos from here?

I find myself downloading many videos from here, but clicking through the download links on each page can be very time consuming. Are there any tools out there that can streamline the process? Might be tricky given the way the site is set up but it's worth asking around.

2019-12-08 03:56

yea, download less videos. think twice if you really want to watch this video again and your collection will benefit aswell, because it will contain less garbage :0 no seriously, many videos dont need to be downloaded.

But i still recoment to download everything you might want to watch again, because you dont know how long the video will be avaible.

Sometimes the website is loading very fast, in this period of time you can download all you want with no slowdowns. so if download doesnt work just come back later and try again..

2019-12-08 22:18

Clicking download button for each video is "painstaking" to you?
I don't understand what you actually want, you want to hover your finger over monitor and suddenly all the videos you like and dislike get separated by their own and you click on "download all" button only?
What would you say if i tell you i have to copy download link and paste in download manager then at %70 reload the video's page, copy download link again and change the paused download's previous link to a refreshed one and then continue? For each video?
This issue was with me since i remember, regardless of speed and or what I'm using.

2019-12-11 08:58

It works on Linux and Mac. For Windows, setup the environment according to the README (or use it in Windows Subsystem for Linux) and it should work too.
e.g. To download all works from a creater => "iwara-dl -t creater_name"
It also have other functions like download by url/playlist/resuming downloads...
Just remember that please use this tool modestly.

2019-12-14 23:59

you can donwload your first video at full speed, but if you have several downloads at the same time than everything slowdown to amazing 60kb/s. so you better download one video at a time to avoid slow loading.

but in times like today when the website is just painful slow for several days in a row, even an optimistic pig like me gets sad :(
Its so slow, it doesnt even load the file when you press download and it doesnt switch from 720p to 360p, never seen anything like that so far.

2020-01-23 10:49

axel -a 'downloadurl' (in LInux)

Uses 5 connections.