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#1 2019-08-12 18:03

Is there any way to download models from Melonbook?

Yo, can someone help me to get the trial model of this one?


It's a model of Caster Helena from FGO

I've been trying to get it since yesterday, but even with VPN, the site keeps telling me to login. I tried to use my pixiv account to login, but the site doesn't allow me to login with it. The redirect always crashed. I tried to register a Melonbook account, but I can't do it because of the "furigana" name thingy which I haven't figured out yet. Thanks for the help

2019-08-12 20:35

I already uploaded it to dlsilte here the link:
click on the purple box to download the trial version.

2019-08-14 07:38

Thanks for the help~