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#1 2020-04-01 06:20

Should this model even be released into the MMD wild due to our current situation.?

Hi there Tucsoncoytoe here,

Now with the events going on in the world at the moment, I did find a model over at SFM labs and it's a lender 2.8.2 model..

If you want to look at this model here's a lik:


Yes it's the world's latest cute girl meme that spells death to a lot of us (Some 41,000 do far) and her name is Corona-Chan.

Corona-Chan actually came out as a meme back on January 19th 2020 by someone in 4Chan and since them she's been how shall we say been Rule 34. (So far as of this date only 84 picture have been made) , but this is the first 3D model I have found of her..

Now how would she look if we dressed her up?


But the main question is.. should we even have this model, and this is the reason for why we shouldn't..

It's a stark reminder of what this world is going through, and in fact really this might be a harsh reminder of what we are going thought,

But Coyote you say, she's cute she looks so sexy and yeah I bet a few of us would like to do a few videos of her taking out sin sack with the kidsss of deaht..

And this is where the conundrum lies..

So let's hear form the folks. Should we or should we not have this girl in our model sets? or should we just ignore this..and if so , why

The floor is now open for discussion.

2020-04-01 07:05

I don't see any issue with the model, personally. She's supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek joke as a concept since chanboards, as a collective, have a variety of mascots who represent various things. (this includes each board having it's own board-tan that embodies what that particular board is about) I would know since I've been shitposting on places like 4chan and 8chan(rip) for over 17yrs now. (and those are only the surface-web sites. Though plenty more exist on both the surface web, and on the deep web)

Corona-chan's the messenger that reminds people of where it came from and who made it; all while telling a dark joke in the process in the form of a cute girl. And that's just it. She's literally a joke. She's one of the ways people deal with bad situations. So I personally don't see how anyone could get triggered over her unless they're over-sensitive or a chinese bot at this point. Stepping around an issue and not acknowledging it is the worst thing people can do. Especially when they feign "sensitivity" or use particular buzzwords to prevent you from addressing that very large, and VERY dangerous elephant in the room.

edit: I should note I am working on a Corona-chan of my own. Though whether or not anyone downloads her is something I don't really care too much about. She's cute, and she acts as a warning that you should never let your guard down around seemingly-innocuous things.

2020-04-01 07:23

Well HappyHarbl I don't have any issues if someone is making a model of this, but then of ocurse all I would suggest is that if it is at all possible to make her clothes removable by means of the stripping tutorial that is elsewhere in this forum.. might be worht the download..

But hey she is a dark joke that needs to wke poeple up.. and I guess this is going to be let her go into the MMD wild, after all unlike the real thing, she's not going to kill us unles we have a heart condition..

But Like I said, I'm neither for nor eagainst a model like this.. She's kind of cute you know and as long as she's over 18, then i'm fine wiht that..


2020-04-01 12:53

I don't have any issues,
to add more to it, I didn't even know the model existed!
She really is thick on the lower half of her body, yikes!

2020-04-15 21:13
2020-04-01 15:17

ive seen a conrona theme dressd up demon girl like this in VR chat, it was fun :0 definetely a promissing theme to mess with, this days. Because lets be honest, next year corona will be dead and out of fashion. So be creative about corona now :0

2020-04-01 20:10

She is very Cute! To bad i havent used blender or I would have made a a PMX model of her and make a video to infect some futas while fucking her. Hee Hee Hee

2020-04-02 08:12

Okay I'm not going to argue that Corona chan is in deed cute and i nfact this is something that can actually help folks druig this crisis time.. and n fact this is sort of like "No Panties day" which is upcoming up on April 19th.. I mean why not have a corona chan day, wher elittle miss Corona gives very informative lessons on what to do and not to do.. heck even a game could be makde out of this idea.. S(Some one writte that down.. )

but the thig is the real quesiton is that should it be released into the while on MMD? I would say the answer is is recdounding yes, and in fct I know there are talented folks out ther ewho could make short videos about Corona virus safety..
So while some folks might not like it, others might find it informative and helpful..

So I will say tht even though I'm still neutral on all of this , the vote is leaning for e to the left and the yes let's do it. kind of mentality.. After all we're not mocking the world..(Now if we could only get a Model of Donald Trump.. and have her screw him.. that would just make my day. XD

And yes even we could make another cute model.. Called E-Con-o-mi. (Economy get it?) . and yes Corona chan could be screwing tha tgirl was well.. Hey I'm juts an idea man.. I mean here's a good picture o fthis one..


Anyway back to work