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#1 2021-03-08 06:39

The Ridiculous Rise In Video Quality

Am I the only one who has noticed that there are more and more high quality videos posted and that the quality itself has risen the recent year to the point it's not worse than the realistic 3D non-hentai animations?

Do you guys think that things are about to go crazy with Iwara and it will break out of being niche this year or is it not yet the time?

2021-03-08 08:19

I thought you were referring to pixels by the title and I was going to comment that my laptop couldn't can it ~ (> w <) ~.

Personally, I see that the quality of the (original) animations remains stable, and as always, they publish the odd gem, as always.
Maybe what happens to you is that you go in more often and see more or you already like this more than before, that's why you see them with different eyes

por el titulo pense que te referias a los pixeles he iba a comentar que mi laptop no podia para mas ~(>w<)~ .

en lo personal yo veo que la calidad de las animaciones (originales) se mantiene estable, y como siempre deves en cuando publican una que otra joya, como siempre.
talves lo que te pasa es que entras mas seguido y ves mas o ya te gusta mas esto que antes por eso los ves con otro ojos

2021-03-08 09:52

Thanks for the answer. I've actually been on and off Iwara for about 3 years now and I know videos even older than that. The quality meaning things like FPS, physics, textures etc. has risen considerably in 2019 IMO and it continued throughout till today. Of course the progress is gradual... One creator who I shall not name, because I don't want to be negative towards someone doing hard work, has been quite consistently a trademark for top quality ... but that's changed a bit in 2020 and no he would have to up his game to be in the top.

I've watched thousands of videos and the gradual progress has really put Iwara's creations at the level of those Team Fortress p**n creations that 2 years ago used the latest technology. I remember how literally a few years ago Iwara was cringy to anyone else but us hardcore fans and now the average person can be impressed. It's pure hedonism for me and I'm not complaining. That's at least how I see it

I know many of your works, too btw - not too shabby at all and glad you're someone who people can talk to here as well

2021-03-08 15:24

Well if you want some thoughts on this, here's mine.. has the quality gotten better in terms of video quality that's an absolute yes, and in fact I think I i have a reason as to why this is happening, and ti's something that hit early last year.. it's called a "Pandemic".

Because of what is going on in the real world with a virus running amok, people have had plenty of time to take their work and improve on it. (myself included). The reason is that we have more time for doing things like gaming and yes even making MMD videos (A real reason as to why I took a year off was not only to learn how things worked now with things like Ray-cast) but also by being able to get a better machine. and yes with so much time on our hands, there's going to be a lot of work out there that still will from time to time fail, but a lot won't because now instead of us having to "Rush" our work, to meet the demands of the viewers, we now take our time in order to produce a better product (or video), it's quality over quantity IMHO), and in fact the only ones who we are seing less of are the guys who are cranking out like 20 videos in a day and throwing them out there.. Long story short, (Tl;Dr), the real reason now is that we have the one thing we didn't have before January 1, 2020, and that is of course Time. Time to produce a better product and not rush things, and in the end, it shows.

The (Brains).

2021-03-09 00:42

@Brains I think you are right on the issue of the pandemic.
In April of last year I started doing tickTocks, then I got bored tickTok and I went back to Iwara and here you have me \ (* ˊᗜˋ *) /, sharing my perversions with you ٩ (๑ > ◡ < ๑) ۶

creo que tienes razon con el tema de la pandemia.
en abril del año pasado me puse a hacer tickTocks despues me aburrio tickTok y me volvi a Iwara ya aqui me tienen ustedes \(*ˊᗜˋ*)/ , compartiendoles a ustedes mis perverciones ٩(๑>◡<๑)۶

2021-03-09 04:30

New models,motions and Calibrations of Creators make excellent R18 Videos also getting ideas from people that have good thoughts of models not yet created (IE Ladybug Katt,Luna Noir I wonder who gave me the Idea to have my friend make them LOL)

2021-03-09 06:56

@Brains The pandemic, also called the scamdemic because this virus has a survivability rate of 99,97% if you're below 50 is certainly a factor, that's quite obvious. It's more the lockdowns and absurd restrictions than the virus itself but let's not go there, people have different opinions. Bottom line is that indeed creators have had more time sitting at home since then.

It's not at all the only reason, though - there's been a more considerable increase in video quality since the middle of 2019. When this laughable weakling of a virus hit creativity has gone up as well. I was never complaining about that but even there there's improvement. I'm definitely enjoying my time more and more here - to the point I might not need regular p**n... and if too many people have this mindset, they'll go after us, both consumers and creators, so be prepared, mentally I guess.

@HoAy I support you in sharing your perversions fully. :D @DNNinetail I agree. Ideas circulate round and there's a gradual improvement in that department as well.

Just saying, it's not like every uploader has to reach the top immediately. Creating for fun is good, too and I enjoyed many videos recently that had pretty basic animation quality. Creativity is most important still.

Love you guys, thanks for your answers

2021-04-03 16:35

Recently, the cloth graphics, speculars, textures, physics, and the models have gotten much better

2021-04-08 04:08

And if I can chime in, it might have something to do with why I decided to start making videos myself. I got tired of all the poor quality garbage out there, and decided to do something about it, lol. And I doubt I'm the only one.
I'm still very much in the learning phase, and I know I've got my work cut out for me, but I simply got fed up with waiting for others to make the kinds of things I actually want to watch.

2021-04-10 03:59

Liebrarian, that's the specifics I wanted to mention, thanks.

WhiteRose, unfortunately at this point in time your profile is empty, unless you mean you put your videos somewhere outside Iwara

2021-04-10 14:20

Well no, its just the simple fact that computer hardware has become better. today any pc can handle 1080p and demanding effects D;
you can use amazing shaders and high quality models more easily now, also more high quality material has become availbe

2021-04-10 17:06

@Antichrist haha, I mean I'm just now starting the process, getting the hang of MMD and blender and making practice animations of a few seconds to figure out what I'm doing. It's going to be a while yet before I have anything to show for it.