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#1 2022-01-22 06:20


looking for author / artist /creator to fill requests please pm me, no money involved.
details: im looking for an in depth amount of content, so im looking for author / artist creator for more commitment.
quality to be blender +++ cannot post links for reference, but will ofcourse be very descriptive to my requests.

2022-01-22 08:51

this feeels like thoose karens who asks for art in rerrturn for "exposuree"...

2022-01-22 17:19

r/ChoosingBeggars moment, but seriously, if you want someone to do so much work for you, at least pay them. Beggars can't be choosers!

2022-01-22 20:48

very spesidic request and no money involved
just WOW.......

2022-01-22 21:25

any other disasterous comments to life?
"beggars cant be choosers" is basically the internet as is.
art in turn for exposure? i dont understand,
if "you people" really desire a negatively impacted life, then continue being negative, my post is as is, nothing good to offer? ill remember that and just be a negative person as well, may as well not end up having good karma head your direction anyway, correct? same energy im getting here so,~
; anything else to post, please do so if for my requested of returning as what im asking for.

2022-02-14 16:47

can i have request?