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#1 2019-02-11 01:53

Raycast - how to rotate the skybox?

Hey there

I'd like to ask for a little help with Raycast. I found some skybox models here and there, and none of them have the EnvRotate controls like the ones on the Helipad Golden Hour skybox.

That being said, how do I rotate them? Rotating all the other models is a lot of work .-.

2019-02-12 02:45

Look in the skybox folder and see if there is an option for Skybox with Rotation. If there is you can replace the Sky with box with the rotation one under the Main tab.

2019-02-12 03:52

@pr0nb0tz thanks for replying. I actually managed to make things work by editing the skybox on pmx editor and adding the EnvRotate morphs I copied from the Helipad Golden Hour skybox to the one I was working with. After that I edited skybox.fx and skylighting.fx files and added the following lines to the code:

#define SKYBOX_WITHOUT_ENV_ROTATION 0 to the skybox.fx
#define IBL_WITHOUT_ENV_ROTATION 0 to the skybox lighting.fx

Also took those from the Helipad files/code

Not sure if those steps would work on any skybox though