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#1 2020-05-22 12:57

Questions about Kingguin and Greeny's models


Are Kingguin's models made by himself?
Cuz I don't see his models at any other places. tbh I think they're the best models for mmd. I will worship him if he releases his models. Btw I think greeny's model are the second greatest, I'd like to go online and buy couple dozens of yakumoran's tails to be my insomnia treatment. And so... can somebody please tell me where to get greeny's model? Greatly appreciated.
I'm just a poor mmd noob starter, I wish I know more Japanese other than ... holy shit I don't even know a single word.

2020-05-22 16:44

kingguin videos are amazing for a certain fact. they are extreamly colorfull, it really has a psychodelic effect :3 But it seems like many dont understand his greatness :0

I dunno bout Greeny, i dont have anything good or bad to say about him :3 and thats a big praise if im unable to criticize someone X3 his models looks kind of cool
BTW Greeny offer his models for download :3

I know its not their own model base, they took it somewhere and made some edits. you can find many models made with this base

examples? this is as close you can get


And if you still want to get some more, check out JandJ, Jin Senpai model ports and edits, waifu sex simulator aka mocumocu dance and also many Hentai level models you can find if you search iwara pictures/videos.

2020-05-22 17:12

Some of the kancolle models are available for download on my profile, on the images tab and if you want any other model you can just ask and i'll send it to you

2020-05-23 01:50

Thanks a great lot.

2020-05-23 06:38


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whos this guy x3

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his videos looks rly bad imao. why would anyone enjoy this kind of content?? stop hurting anime waifus you filthy psycho

2020-05-23 06:42

Spammer got banned but left remnants that moderators or admin has to remove