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#1 2022-01-26 15:49

Program used for certain artists.

Hey, I am new to animating and I don't know all the program names. Wanted to ask if anyone knows what program is used to create this type of animation, what I mean is specifically characters/textures. They just look way more realistic than in normal MMD program, better reflections and better looking clothes textures.

Here's the link to channel to one of the creators: https://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/forget-skyrim

I tried to find something on this forum or google but with no luck.

2022-01-26 17:01

C4D Redshift

2022-01-26 17:04

Thank you!

2022-01-26 19:17

It's likely either Blender or Cinema 4D. Both software take a certain amount of effort to make a good looking video. Those are quite advanced software so it might take quite the knowledge to handle the listed programs. But, there is a way to make MMD look just as good as those videos... thing is.. you need a lot of effects, and a powerful computer.

Thing is, in MMD you don't have proper cloth physics.

2022-01-26 20:14

I will try to work with MMD a little bit more for now and then decide if C4D is worth it for me. Thank you for detailed reply!

2022-01-27 09:10


2022-01-27 19:46

so if you have to choose, blebder or c4d?