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#1 2020-03-31 19:56

The "No friend requst" creators.

I'm just posting this so that I can say:
I have noticed many creators will load a lot of videos (sometimes all) marked as private and then make a note that they do not accept friend requests and they actually do ignore friend request. So to all the creators who do this I would like to say:
~ FUCK YOU ! ~
what's the point of loading all of that on here if you're just going to deny people the ability to see it? it's actually kind of rude and a shity thing to do. so to all of you creators who do that, Fuck you! that's all I wanted to say, anyone else add in opinion or just ignore this post, whatever.

2020-03-31 22:42

Damn, I do agree, i mean what's the purpose of loading your content if no one can see such great work! they could have just stashed their works in thier own pc.

2020-03-31 23:00

Ha that's a good one. Sorry but I haven't seen any of those accounts. Stupid people doing stupid shit. Like why post the only reason I can think of that is that they have crappy PC storage space but good internet connection

2020-03-31 23:11

You sure they don't accept friend requests? Or do they just require you to make a comment along with the request?

2020-04-01 01:32

The admin doesn't like people wasting his HD space. Maybe rules regarding these types will change in the future.

2020-04-01 05:26

I always thought that the function: Private videos, unnecessary and that it is used by egoists. And in addition, all because of the fear of japanese users here because of their strict laws in their country, although it has already been said that Iwara does not depend on them.

2020-04-01 05:56

I think I know why these people do this and this is just an observation.. First of they want to show off (Just like a certain President is doing right now during a world crisis), and in fact these guys are indeed wasting space.. Personally I like and accept all positive feed back and in fact want to do more with the commnity. the only thing that is limiting me is a comptuer that can handle the load..(and yes I would go back and redo some of my work and try to get help with some of the models (Cough Cough Equestria Girls Cough cough..)

but the thing is thiese guys do waste space and if they don't want friends then there Views and like can and will go down..

Another reason is that they don't want to be traced.. Maybe they don't want to be found.. it's hard to see what the Psychological their mind. it's hard to say but yeah let them be the idiots that they are.. they're not going to one day get any likes or very few views and hopefully this will demoralize them..

Anyway just my thoughts


2020-04-01 06:28
Dr.Cossack wrote:
And in addition, all because of the fear of japanese users here because of their strict laws in their country, although it has already been said that Iwara does not depend on them.

Just because Iwara doesn't comply with these requests doesn't mean authorities couldn't identify the users by some other means. Particularly if they link to a Twitter, Patreon or something similar they could possibly get the info from one of those other platforms instead. I've seen numerous creators either delete their works or start adding mosaics later on and it's obvious why that is. This is why opsec and mindfulness are so important if you're worried about dealing with pigs or spooks.

Anonymous payment methods need to be made more streamlined and user friendly if this is ever going to change. Cryptocurrency is capable of this, but only if it's implemented correctly, and I have yet to come across a clean, easy to follow guide that isn't a complete fucking mess. Every single guide I came across either has all the steps mixed up and not in a linear order, or will gloss over important details or even give bad advice. Don't expect any help from the worthless manual thumping cheeto goblin nest that is the FOSS """""community""""" either, because asking for help is skipping past their gay autistic parrotfucker cult.

2020-04-01 07:10

Very good point, LOR流星ガンナー, and I have to agree with you, but then here's the thing, a lot of people do put time and effort into their motions, that's a fact.. but then the problem these folks were have is in fact the cost they want for it..

But then there's an old saying that you can attract more bees with honey than with viegar and the best way to do this is in fact to lower their prices to a more affordable level say 1 or 2 Dollars.. and for good reason..

If you had 1 person pay 30 bucks for a motion then what would happen if you had suddenly have 30 people who pay only a dollar? it's still 30 dollars but the folks who paid that low price of just 1 dollar a month could pay again for another motion or another and soon n the money would just roll in.. But these folks that do motions and charge 30 bucks? They don't realize that they only have 1 patreon and not 30.. so yeah numbers in this situation do count..

Now as for the guys who crank out tons of this stuff then make them private with No friends is probably what you suggested and they don't want to face the strict laws going on with Japan..(However as of late, Japan has for some odd reason, been relaxing their laws (Just recently they were talking about that they were going to allow one stigma to disappear and that is of course the genitalia showing) So yeah maybe Japane is starting to get on board with the sex sells..

Also let's talk about another issue with this is with the straight up truth which is of course the porn.. Right now, we have plenty of models to chose from , some just need a bit of rework to make them "Fully Funcitonal" and others are ready to go.. So why is it that there is not more sharing aroudn the Iwara fan base.. well agin it goes back to the same thing as the motions.. people want to make money off of anything even toilet paper (hey at 60 bucks a roll) if you have 38 cases of the stuff you can make a healthy bit of money. but again I woould like to ppoint out the fact that you can attract more bees with honey rather than vinegar... But now let's jump to something else, and that is "The Adult Entertainment value of this.."

In the real world today due to the ongoing crisis , There are no bits of Live action porn being made due to the crisis.. But with MMD and other tools it's not that hard to make a porn flick or two.. even though they are short.. they still can be made with little or no effort..

The point is during this time of Social distancing the thing is we have complete freedom to make what we want when we want it.. Bu tthe issue here at hand is the folks who make a ton of these things an then don't even want to ahre them with the rest of the commuity..and the no friends rule really hurts them not the makers who do this stuff.

In short, now is a good time to have people watch videos.. in a recent survey there have been 156 billion minutes of watching videos in the world due to the crisis and so why not make more of these and share them? Maybe some folks might want ot actually do stuff like this..
It's really all the way you look at it, but the guys who don't share and don't want to be part of the commuity shouldn't really be putting up videos a it's a waste of bandwidth and bandwidth still costs including Hard drive space..

So I say there needs to be a change, and this is why this no friend policy should go.. eithe ryou want the views and likes or you don't simplel as that.


2020-04-01 20:03

Even tho I myself dont make my (Dark Ninja) videos private I understand why they privatize theirs and Ignore friend Requests like when Assholes put stupid comments on their video trying to get attention. If i dont like someones video I just dont watch them ever again and not leave a childish petty comment! Have a Happy R18 Day. O_O

2020-04-02 06:31

Privating videos shouldn't even be a function.

2020-04-02 07:59

DNNinetail, you are so correct about this.. if you don't like a vireo don't watch it again, don't comment.. that's how ist could be and in fact that's a very valid point here. For myself I ask for feedback in order to try and make my videos better. But a lot of people who do post up the stupid comments like you said only have to watch it once.. and then never watch it agin.. I think the issue here is that some folks are jealous of the time and effort some folks put into a project.. and because of this try try to take people down a peg and discourage them. That's not cool as it eventually will force a lot of people to stop making videos and then they whine about "Why did (Insert nameof your artist) here Quit? Then they are whining because so much good quality work is gone.. yet they don't realize that they are the ones who caused this person to leave, and giave no sign of encourage ment.. and it's not only at that level as well and I will say that some folks get a power rush when they say things like "This is Stupid" and "It's pointless to do a discussion.." these people are control freaks and don't need to be in power be they a common ordinary joe or a Rich US President.. You tlel me if you wanted positive feed back which type of person do you want to leave feedback? A person who says "This is stupid yet runs your counts up wishing they could be like you? or someone who actually has real good feedback on a video and gives you tips and pointers for the way to make a better video.. that's the point, but you are so correct on all counts.

Tomzai, I too agree with your observation as well. PRivatizing a video is really a bad idea.. and for reasons I will get to in a miute.. and that involves things like view counts and potential likes..
But a lot of people tend to privatize their videos in order for folks not to track them.. expecially if it deals with the Japanese government.. but for us Americans, it's all abut freedom of expression and as long as you make it appropriately then you should still be able to get views..

I mean that's why at the end of video upload they give you that warning if it deals with things that are not related to the norm such as Beastialty and scat and what not..) but the point is.. people like these don't want this stuff to be found because they don't want to be called on the door matfr being a pervert (Look at Deviantart), and look at how it's been toned down because of the political backlasth of "Overprotective soccer moms. )

But the point is that Putting a private tag on your video is more like a way to shoot yourself in the foot. and if you don't friend peopole to do this.. then how do you get views and likes/ How do you get feedback? That's the problem.. if you want anything some of us try to improve.. some of us treally try.. others. They just want the attention as was just pointed out, they want to show off their work but they are afraid of the rejection by the fans.. When some of us just want to give feed back they tend to think of it as rejection.. which it's not . It's just constructive crtriticism..

and like what was said, is this.. If you don't like a video and you don't want to watch it again, then just don't it's that simple.


2020-04-02 08:12

Have 2 I've been trying to get to friend with no avail. I keep trying nicely. All I can do.Trying again today. Will try a PM.

Tsa shame too. Usta never private anything and just did two. All you can get without the private version is get 480s with huge double watermarks of a size never before seen! Reckon someone pissed 'im off. A real shame as he's the best.

Off to try again. Try a PM?

2020-04-02 16:08

I agree with Tomzai, Private videos shouldn't even be a thing. I mean I get what DNNinetail is talking about, but lets not forget those bastards who only accept friend requests from other Creators.

2020-04-02 18:22

Well, like i said, the function private videos, unnecessary and that it is used by egoists.
But i would like to clarify that egoists are specifically those creators who gloat over this option, making all their videos private. And about accepting only other creators as friends - this is also the case.

2020-04-02 18:25

I hope admin will delete this private videos function one day.

2020-04-03 08:43

probably won't happen. when iwara started it had no private function and people whined in the forums the same way they are doing now

2020-04-03 22:51

I have to dissagree.

at first, i notice pretty vividly most of those creators who put their videos on private are not that great. they just started to make somewhat good content and than they make their first enconter with "pride" a wicked demon that makes amateur artists ignorant and selfish. so they would make their videos private to demonstrate; "look here how amazing and exclusive i am! my stuff is so amazing, its all private!!!!" But to sum it up, if you would get to see their videos you wont be happy. there is nothing to see at all. I never met a creator who was that good that it would pay of the effort hunting for his videos. I hunted alot, and it was allways just dissapointing. Remeber, the really good videos do not need to be hunted, and deep searching for easter eggs is all complete bullshit. Good videos are everywhere rank 1 and on every main page to be found. Everyone know the good videos, they are never some shady private ones. so screw them, its not worth the effort anyways. If you dont know a video its not your fault, its the creators fault who didnt make the video good enough.

I dont know about you guys, but i am genuinely not interested in private videos because there nothing to see after all. Stay with the most liked and most watched videos, no joke.

2020-04-04 13:40

It's kind of funny that the people who make the best content on this site don't hard lock it or ask for money to unlock the hidden parts, ect. When it comes to the friend request only artists, I just learn to pretend those artists don't exist. I personally hate the idea of hiding all your content behind a friend request, and then saying you don't take friend requests or making you jump hoops for no reason. 9/10 the content is shit anyways so I feel no loss when I never see what's behind their ego wall.

2020-04-06 00:55
9/10 the content is shit anyways so I feel no loss when I never see what's behind their ego wall.

thats also true. 80% of videos here on iwara arnt worth anyones attention, 20% of videos are just about nice enough to watch them one or two or maybe 3 times.

But the Top 0,1% is very potent porn that will let your dead grandpa get a boner in his grave :0 stuff that will satisfy you 100% of all times and can easily compete with the best porn out there, any hentai, lewd game or manga :3 Thats what im here for. for the 0,1% but its quiet hard to focus because you would constantly get distracted and seduced by other videos. Even if a video is trash it can still seduce you for a short period of time so Its not easy to see clearly and keep things sorted out :0

Top 0,1% example;

2020-04-06 06:46

I have alot of people follow me that make many excellent videos and when they friend me we sometimes share motions and models with each other so friending and following sometimes is a good thing. My main source for models mp4 and motions wont share anything because he hates everyone since 2016 because most people are rude except the Asians. (they seem to love him and his gf) Keep on Fapping and making R18 videos.

2020-04-06 13:12

>My main source for models mp4 and motions wont share anything
is that your latest excuse why all your videos look the same?

2020-04-06 19:04

Heres a good question Guthix. Why did you stop making videos? Without a snarkey answer Please!

2020-04-07 00:35

Well a normal person like Guthix use his brain and quit making videos if it doesnt make sense anymore, is no fun or doesnt pay off. But a mad person like a certain Ninetail would keep going forever ignoring all facts, signs and evidence of degeneration. You are some scary demon fox i am very confused whats your motivation and why there is still no end :0

2020-04-07 00:33

are you an AI?

2020-04-07 03:27

and to think that I never deny a friend request, all pointless as all my videos are public... they do not need to add me as a friend unless they actually like my videos.

2020-04-07 04:53

I like Demon Fox and why do I keep upping videos well because many people are cautious because they give me and my friends their WIPs Models (Work in Process) to see how they will be received and weather their worth finishing them or Not.To share Or Not.Notice We rarely share Models because there not Mine to Share. Dewani90 Some people confuse Like videos with Friending but thats OK to Me Have a Happy Day O_O

2020-04-07 05:00

Guntix can answer for him/her self and dosent need you to answer for him/her. The question wasnt addressed to you Heavenbait

2020-04-07 08:06

im pretty sure ive already answered this question before, but here's a version currently on my mind.
two reasons, first i got stuck in a loop of spending 6 hours a day meticulously working on one thing and in the end failing/not saving progress, i could post it sure, but it was all meh by my standards and there's enough trash as is. my last video was interesting enough to post of a single effects use, despite me being done with making videos.
secondly, i got a job which threw a wrench to any focus and generally killed my motivation to do anything, than basic hoarding from time to time.

2020-04-07 09:02

Thank You for Answering the question have a good night O_O

2020-04-07 12:18
Guntix can answer for him/her self

i have no doubt that Guthix have real reasons, i just wrote my guess. my post was about a certain demon fox not about guthix :0