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#1 2018-05-01 02:09

New website's continued development

Hey all,

So, our new website is still progressing with our current goal to add a few new features while also keeping existing features available. But some of those existing features need to be fixed up properly, and for this we are seeking your help - in the form of feedback.

First topic: Search function

Our questions: What is wrong with the current searching function? What do you expect it to search through? Descriptions, journals, comments, everything?
-But keep in mind that things such as tags and view/likes counts will be handled within their own, separate, filtering system. Mostly the same as they are now.

Second topic: Rankings

Our questions: What all should contribute to improve the outcome for a set of ranked videos? How long should a video be ranked for?
-This would be separate from the current listings that only sort by a total number of one thing, such as views and likes. The intention of this listing would be for finding the popular uploads more easily, increasing exposure.

Third topic: Featured content

Our questions: How should these be selected? How long should they stay for?
-Some of you might recall how we used to have "featured" videos display on the home page. The problems we had with these were the fact that they were always hand picked by us admins, and therefore were not only biased, but also subject to our (my) laziness on selecting new ones.

Fourth topic: Mascot character.

-Not actually a question. We need one.
-It should be of original design, and able to represent Iwara. If you are a professional artist and would like to have a shot at having your design selected, then please feel free to submit them to this thread. We have long term goals that would be associated with such a character and will need to work along with our chosen artist to accomplish these ideas. For now, we want to start with one character, and see where it leads us.
--While I do have my own ideas about what I'd like to see, I think it best to leave that up to each artist to come up with your own. The only thing I will ask right now is that she must look like she can pass as 18 years of age. I'm not looking to settle for a character that doesn't steal my attention, so do your best!

We might have more topics to add later, but these will do for now. You can also leave any additional ideas in here for us to consider and keep track of better.

2018-05-01 02:10




トピック1: 検索機能

運営からの質問: 現在の検索機能の問題は何ですか? 何を検索したいですか? ディスクリプション, ジャーナル、コメント、もしくは全てですか?
しかし、タグやビュー/お気に入り数などは、独自のフィルタリングシステム内で処理されることに注意してください。 今のところほとんど同じです。

トピック2: ランキング

運営からの質問: 動画ランキングの表示結果を向上させるためには、どのような情報が必要ですか?また、動画はどのくらいの期間ランクインされるべきですか?
これは、現在の仕様(1つ指標[view/like数]の合計数をもとに並べ替えるもの)とは別のものになります。 目的は、人気のある投稿を簡単に見つけて、露出を増やすことです。

トピック3: 特集コンテンツ

運営からの質問 : それらのコンテンツはどのように選出されるべきですか? また、それらのコンテンツはどのくらいの期間表示されるべきですか?
一部の方は、運営が "特集ビデオ" をホームページで表示していたのをご存知かと思います。 ただ、これに関する問題は、特集ビデオが運営の手動による選出であったことです。そして、新しい動画を選出する際は、運営によるバイアスがかかっていただけでなく、怠惰の対象にもなっています。

トピック4 : マスコットキャラクター


後ほど詳細を追加するかもしれませんが、今はこの情報が全てです。 このスレッドに改善のための新しいアイディアを記載することは可能です。

2018-05-01 05:56

I would like to see categories. Something more descriptive than just ecchi and general. There is no reason for music videos to be in the same group as sex videos, even if the dancers are naked. I suppose this could be achieved with tags, but most people don't bother tagging their videos.

As for the search function, it should at least search for words in titles, and user names.

I have a feeling most people won't bother clicking something to rank a video. Maybe if all new videos are featured in their category, and then people can vote against certain videos if they feel that video should not be featured. Of course we will need to limit each user to one vote per video.

2018-05-01 06:47

>First topic: Search function
somehow separate images from videos while searching and overall make it more compact. at the moment its just a long scrollfest down to find anything.

views+likes/total videos

>Featured content
videos with the most likes/views of the PREVIOUS MONTH, giving a sort of grace period for maximizing exposure, before putting it on a pedestal. this would allow it ot be automated, until some fuckers think of a way to abuse it.

>Mascot character.

2018-05-01 11:07

While I believe Ademar has done very good work, I cannot accept Izumi. She is his own character he can do with as he pleases, and should remain that way.
For various reasons, we need a fresh face for this purpose. A character I can buy the rights to.
I have, however, invited him to be our model maker for when we need him.

2018-05-01 11:44

need a drop down list to select what type of content you want to search
videos, images, journals, comments, etc.

videos and images should return results in a grid using the thumbnail previews
journals,comments can return the list as it is currently with text previews

1. can be same as total view/likes filter but only searches videos that are less than a week old.
top videos each day can go into a archive of ranked videos if not already there.

2. you could alternatively rank videos this way via block increments week to week.
the top 10 or so at the end of the week can go into a archive of ranked videos sorted by week.

once a week users can feature their own new video upload if they meet requirements.
requirements can be having a existing video with a like/view threshold
would be a checkbox visible on the upload page if enabled.
the videos would be featured until they bumped off the feature list by other more recent featured videos.
featured videos can go into a archive that shows all previously featured videos

2018-05-01 12:13

Search function as it currently stands isn't too helpful since tagging is non-existent. For a potential fix, Pixiv has an user-based tagging system, tags added by other than OP gets an asterisk next to it IIRC, maybe think about implementing something like that? To prevent abuse you can disable the option for accounts newer than 1 month.

2018-05-01 14:32

Search function ;
i have recomended earlier to do it like gelbooru and sankaku complex since its the best search engine ever exsisted. Every uploaded Video will appear there as a thumbnail and his default tag "tagme" than every registred user is able to edit tags. when you click on a thumbnail it will automatically link you into the video page. you can conbine iwara and a gelbooru search engine or you can invent something on your own that support those features.

the current search function isnt working properly, since it doesnt show all exsisting result.

also i want to see a seperation between pictures, videos, sex dance videos, dance videos, videos without dancing, videos that are longer than 5 minutes, videos that are longer than 10 minutes, videos that are shorter than 1 minute and other things like tutorials etc.

to rank something via views/likes is good. I have gone throught all video pages several times and i can say you will definetely find 90% of all relevant good videos pretty quick if you search by views and likes, at least you will find all relevant creators for sure. you can increase the accuracy of the ranking by turning the "like" button into a 10 points bar. than people can give 1/10, 6/10 or 10/10. or have both, a like button and a score bar. But the score bar doesnt simply calculate the average value because than every video will be simply rated as a result between 7/10 and 9/10 thats bullshit because like that you will never find out which video was better. the score bar will work additionally to the "like" score. for example a video got 25 likes, but those 25 people give it only a 3/10 score. so the video "like" score will be 25x3= 75, the video has 75 points. an other video has also 25 likes but those people rate it with 8/10 so that will be 25x8=200 points. thats a huge difference, even thought both videos got 25 likes. thats just my idea for a more accurate ranking

i do not recoment a disslike button. that is very demotivating in any case. i dont want to see any disslikes below my own videos and i dont wish them for anyone.

featured content;
you can choose a jury of 10 people who will be responsible to choose featured content. those people dont even need to have any moderative rights. they just send you their recommendations via pm. and you just put those most featured things online. like this we could even manage weekly updates.

im sure there will be many volunteers for that job

also you can make categories; featured by week, month, year, and of all times.

Mascot character;
yea.. somehow i got demotivated. i should give it a try again :I

2018-05-01 17:55

Hello everyone, i've decided to participate in this discussion of such important matter.
So, here's my opinion:
As for the search - First of all, we need TAGS!!! Just like in Konachan, Pixiv, or any other site with good and working tag system.
Also, i totally agree with people above, as for the RANKING SYSTEM - Yes, we need it! Well-made, complete works (and their creators) should be on top, and some crappy, incoplete and primitive stuff should be on the bottom (as well, as well-made, but intentionally incomplete teasing stuff, like "support me on Patreaon, to watch a full version").
You have a nice sort system by "Date", "Views" and "Likes", but adding to this one more button - "Rank" will be great!

As for the "Dislike" button - totally agree with the participator above - NO! Just NO! NEVER!
Not just because it is unmotivating, but as it can become a weapon of unfair competition.
Instead, we just need strict rules system,and button "Report violation". And team of wise moderators, who will judje fairness of this report.
For example - "Spam, promotional and money-extracting teasing crap are forbidden on our site!"- One click - and in few days site becoming much cleaner and more welcoming! - everyone is happy!
Something like that.

Also, i want to propose an "Event" function - aside from the site content (on top, maybe) can be a clickable banner, which leads you to a "current event page". It is colourful picture, with big "lime left" digit.
For example - "Video of the month! 3 days left!" You click on it and it will send you to the page, when you can vote for your favourite video (Registered members only, of course). Or "Greatest debut" - we vote for best first video of some new author. These videos already sorted on that page - just click "vote" and cofirm your decision!
When this event is over - results are posted!
This will make site much alive, i think, as well, as giving more oportunities for the authors.
(As i remember, here was something like "Event" once - i mean april joke with site desighn in early 90's style! That was eye-shatering, but very fun and memorable!)

Also - it will be nice to have a something like "News" page - the news of the site - "New fuction available!", "Shubdawoop87 was banned for spam!", "New popular topic on Forum!" and more and more like that.

As for mascot character - i have no idea, but she need to be cute and sexy girl, similar to Miku. Or Kawakaze. Or, maybe, like Etna (from Disgaea). But NOT like Kizuna Ai (because one such scary character is enough!) ))) (Twintails is the key, i suppose)
And her model need to be available for the featured creators only - as a reward!
Many great authors here has great original characters (for example - Shiminex, mm037, Ademar440, JandJ) - so, why don't you set a contest for them?
I think, they will be happy to participate.

So, here was my oppinion. I hope, it was useful.
Good luck everyone!

2018-05-02 02:45

Booru style tagging would make it amazing all by itself, honestly. I'd say the biggest problem with tagging is that there's too many places to put information about the contents of your video. Besides the Tags field in the upload page (Which doesn't specify the separation character, causing more confusion and inaccuracies), you also have "Categories" like Vocaloid, Kancolle, and Touhou to deal with, and more often than not, you have to also put your tags right in your title anyway because the crawler doesn't feel like indexing otherwise. Because of all this, nobody ever does it. Whenever I look in the related videos section, it's the same videos every time because they were the ones that also didn't use any tags.

A booru styled tagging system would also break the language-barrier because you could associate tag names in different languages, so 時間停止 and "Time Stop" would be synonymous to the search engine, and I wouldn't have to worry that I missed out on a video because someone didn't tag it right. I know some Japanese so it's not too bad for me, personally, to have to read the titles, but I cringe at the thought of what it would be like if half of this site's content was completely unreadable to me. Also, as a creator, I hate having to mix the same words but in different languages into my titles just to make sure both English and Japanese viewers can know what the video is about.

I think it would be nice if besides the same old filters by long-time accrued likes and views (giving a positive feedback loop to videos that are already successful) there was another category that gave a greater emphasis on recency like "most new views from this month," or "most likes in the first week after upload." For a good example, see http://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/xyz who gives a monthly ranking.

Featured Content:
I'd want the ultimate goal of a content featuring system to be to favor quality over quantity, because let's face it: 90% of the videos here now are just girls emotionlessly dancing completely naked and don't have any structure nor do anything interesting. They're kind of like the MMD version of asset flips, where someone just pulls a bunch of random resources from wherever and just slaps them together without any cohesion.

I can't really describe how I'd go about working towards that goal, but I feel one factor should be the upload patterns of the authors. Like, authors that upload maybe 2 or 3 times a week shouldn't be signal boosted as much as authors that only upload once every few months or are just starting out.

Another idea to help with the issue of increasing visibility of quality content could be a de-facto curation system. Chances are relatively high that creators of certain types of content also like that kind of content themselves. Since we have both a like system and playlist system, we should designate one of those two to be "public"-able, making them visible on your page for your subscribers to see what their favorite creators like. Also, if a video has, say, 3 or more of your subscribed channels liking a video, it should advertise it to you with that fact.

Misc. Ideas
Besides the forums, there should be a centralized place for creators to come to for resources (hopefully not to make the asset flip videos I just described though). Niconico has a pretty cool system that recognizes that MMD is a lot about sharing resources like models, motions, and effect files. If a video you upload there uses, say, a motion from another video which posted a download link for it, you can link to that video in the content tree. That way, if someone sees your video and likes the motion, they can find the motion and all other videos using it by following that link. Nico even has entire sections of their website for distributing MMD models (https://3d.nicovideo.jp/) (It's obviously not exclusively MMD but the bulk of it seems to be)

So I'd say in the header next to Videos, Images, and Forums, there should be something like "Resources" where each item is a model, effect, motion, etc. and each has a download link (hosted either internally or externally). Then, when someone uploads a video or image with that resource, they can add it to their list of references.

2018-05-05 01:09

The current idea regarding tags is to have them as specific as possible, for example you might want to see videos with hatsune_miku but only the API version, where there would be a tag hatsune_miku_(api), and if you tag a video with the second one it will be auto-tagged with hatsune_miku as well.

At least in the beginning we won't allow users to create their own tags, but we'll stay vigilant and add new tags if users request it and if we think they'll be a good fit.

In list-form:
1. Search will allow filtering by type
2. Users will be able to suggest tags on videos and images (exact logic on this is currently undecided and will likely require some trial period)
3. Dislike button is not anything we're considering
4. Popularity (content and users) based on certain stats will be added, unclear exactly how this will be used other than sorting, there will be two different values for this, one is a "hot" ranking which will have a certain fall-off making it favor new content and the other is an "all-time" one.

2018-05-07 19:45

1. Search:
- Internal search is most important for the videos and images.
- Right now you non-indexed the forums to Google: This is a problem as we cannot search the forums at all. If you plan to not change this thing we also need the search working in the forums.
- Other kinds of content should be searchable, too (in the best case). -> A user could simply select in a dropdown or radio-button menu what kind of content should be searched.
- A search with mixed results (videos and journals etc.) is not so good because the chance that a user absolutely does not know what he's looking for might be pretty low.
- Show previews and not the whole image set in a search.
- operators like "AND", "OR", "NOT", truncation are great. if you use elastic you will get these ready to use and they are very very useful for making great searches.

2. Rankings:
- Popular videos are alraedy easy to find. Problem is that there's no algorithm for trending videos / showing videos over time.
- I strongly suggest checking out other sites searches which cover sorting algorithms like:
- Most viewed 24 hours
- Most viewed 1 week
- Most viewd last month
- Most views all time etc...
- Newest videos

"Popular videos" can be calculated with simple formulas like
100 > view-count / likes / time-related-KPI
(video must have a minimum of likes, after that just calculate the view-like-ratio and add a time-related-KPI)

- the latest videos should always be displayed first (like it is now - it's the best chance for new artists to be seen).

3. Featured content:
- Don't add things manually! It's unfair and subjective.
- Instead add an algorithm that features the most n popular videos after an own formula. For example a rule could look like this:
"Calculate the popularity of all videos uploaded during the last two days. Take the views, divide them by their like-count and check if at least 200 people liked the video. If so, show the video between all other chosen videos in the featured section for so long, until it gets replaced by another videos. Videos in the featured section get shown in descending order, sorted by date.
(basically it's a strict form of the popularity-algorithm)

-> this assures that the chances are the same for every creator
- older popular videos still get enough promotion through the filters "most popular n days/all time".
- fair chances for new artists to be seen

- these formulas are just examples and have to be tested.
- you can consider adding more KPIs to your formulas, e.g. "Download count", "comment count" and/or add a "channel-value-KPI" (e.g. if one user uploads more trash his newer videos will most likely be less watched than if a user has in general a high video-quality.)

4. Mascot:
I'd love to see a mascot for iwara. My suggestion has already been posted and if someone wants to develop my suggestion further, I'm okay agreeing to this. :P

2018-05-08 16:19

I have some issues to understand what exactly dou you expect for "mascot" character

The only thing I will ask right now is that she must look like she can pass as 18 years of age. I'm not looking to settle for a character that doesn't steal my attention, so do your best!

in this sentence are several unconvinent limitations that push things into just one possible direction. you expect that the character must be humanoid and its gender should be female, means all male, funny and deformed designs like little pikachus are disqualifyd, and "she" has to be mature (25+) because most girls who are actually 18 often looks younger, so she has to be old enough that no one would consider her as underage. but im also convinced you dont want to have an old lady character so she can't be older than 25. thats quiet a limitation.

a "mascot" is like an icon, it looks funny and drags alot attention, it has overall a very simplifyd appearance and a simple design so that everyone would remember emediately how it looks like. Basicly an mascot has same function than an icon, people will associate the website with its representative mascot or icon. try to google pictures for mascot D; from that perspective its a giant task to transform a humanoid female character that has alot of details in itself and also has to be sexually attracting, into a representative mascot.

what you want to have isnt a mascot, you want to have an virtual idol like miku or kizuna ai, everyones favorite Bitch. But if that future Iwara Girl will lose popularity or if it never gets popular in the first place, than its not so cool anymore. better make a cute, adorable, little deformed Figure with simple design that has no holes to fuck D; like a real mascot. Because what you need is a figure like Mickey Mouse

I would recoment something like bonta-kun from full metal panic! :3

At first i was trying to make a fuck toy idol, but than i have changed my mind since a real mascot would be way better for the purpose to represent this website :3

2018-05-13 08:09

>What is wrong with the current searching function?
iwara's search engine does not work well for japanese keywords. It is not necessary to specialize for japanese, but it should use utf-8 n-gram index in database/full text search engine.
For example, the following search results differ greatly between google(over 4000 hits) and iwara.tv (1 hit).

2018-05-31 00:53

I'd like to add the rarely heard opinion of the "silent majority" - of someone who is basically a lurker, never comments, who only 'likes' and 'follows' because he actually wants to and not some "social media networking" effects. My biggest contribution to this site is to whitelist it in my adblocker. (I can't actually guarantee that I'm the "majority" though, maybe I'm a special snowflake without even knowing - but I doubt it.)

1: Big "yes please do this!" to the suggestion of having this like booru, with user added tags, the primary search being by this tag.
And just like some of the boorus any further search possibilities can be then also typed into this same search box.
hatsune_miku nopan in_title:test duration>=120 duration<300 order:likes would then find all videos with miku being nopan, "test" in the title, longer than 2 minutes, shorter than 5 minutes and order the list by likes.
Add some more user-friendly checkboxes (for sort order), input fields (for in-title keywords) and sliders (for video length limits) if you want. chan.sankakucomplex.com for example has a "sort by popularity" link which really just does the same as adding "order:popular" into the searchbox and pressing enter.

2: Do it like chan.sankakucomplex.com (I'm repeating myself? oh no...)
Specifically their "order:popular" will give posts additional points for things like "likes" and "favourites", and negative score for the age - to give new posts an advantage. While their "order:quality" removes the time component, and only cares about number of likes and favs.
Another example is reddit: The standard ordering is called "hot" and also has this negative time/age component. There's a button (quite small) that allows to instead sort by "top" (no time component) or "new" (no score component).
Since reddit is open-source you can directly look at how the popularity sorting works.

3: Don't try to be youtube. Not being youtube is basically the selling point of iwara. You know how youtube doesn't notify you, when someone you subscribed to posts a video? Because their algorithm filters it? It's annoying.
The sort by rating from Point 2 - no matter if you implement it in the way I described, or some other - is already your featured list.
But even if you want to add a redundant list, here's some things that I find either dangerous or logically wrong. (Those points apply to Point 2 as well)
Don't let followers or friends have any impact. A video by a creator that just creates, is in no way worse than one by someone who does all the "social media interaction" stuff. I want to see high quality or novel experimentation, not who has the biggest network.
Similarly for number of comments I guess. The number is of comments is inflated if the created interacts with commenters, yet it has no bearing on video quality. (Altough creators that interact are awesome, so this points is debatable)
Don't let number of other videos have any impact. Yes I agree that someone who just pumps out a video a day usually creates lower quality content, but then just order by quality in the first place? And if against all odds someone comes along and uploads frequently, and yet only high quality, he shouldn't be punished.
Don't divide by total views. I can only like a video once. But if I really really like it, I will come back to it and watch it again, therefore adding a view, but not being able to add a like. This effect is probably rather small though.

In the end I just don't think both a ranking AND a featured-list is needed. The algorithms will be similar, and prioritizing one thing might be smart. You can still come back to it later down the line, when you're sure your Software Engineer didn't quit from overworking himself.

4: Sry, have nothing to add.

2018-07-24 08:39

For ranking, I suggest something like the following:
Rank value = ( Likes / Views ) / (1 + Number of other videos uploaded within the past N days)
AND only include in ranking if ( Likes >= T)

Why likes divided by views? Without context, number of views is meaningless. A video could be viewed by tens of thousands of people and still be terrible. However, factoring likes to views can help weed out click bait vids that aren't deemed worthy of a Like yet still manage to get a lot of views based on the thumbnail, or other methods of garnering extra views. For example, I'd much rather check out a video with 50 likes in 100 views than one with 50 likes in 50000 views. Based on those numbers the first video must be really good to get a 50% like ratio, while the 2nd one must be atrociously bad to only get a 0.1% like ratio.

Why the extra divisor for recent uploads? The point there is to discourage upload spamming. Personally, I'd set the value of N relatively high, like 14, so content producers uploading more than 1 video every 2 weeks get a reduced score. However, I can see a reason for using a smaller value like 7, or possibly even less.

Why the likes threshold value T ? There's no point ranking vids with overly low like counts. This also filters out brand new videos until they reach a certain number of likes. I would probably set the value of T at 100, but something as low as 50 might suffice.

2018-07-29 06:54

Can the forum have time stamp please? Only shows last reply when viewing various thread but not on the threads themselves

2018-07-29 10:47

I would love to work on a mascot design, see what everyone else thinks.

2018-07-30 05:21

To bad they cant have 2 mascots one for general R14 side and one for ecchi R18 Side

2018-08-05 05:12

@AutumnJelly - there are timestamps on the replies in threads, but you need to do click+drag over the post to see them since they are same color as the background, rendering them otherwise invisible.

Having a way to customize the background color would solve it.

2018-08-17 04:28

Here is good Idea Charge people a small fee like $1 to download videos for the day but keep watching videos Free to watch. Watching a video consumes less resources than Downloading from the site. this can also help with maintenance and renting more servers. Just a thought.

2018-08-17 15:28
Watching a video consumes less resources than Downloading from the site

You do realize that watching a video means that your browser downloads it temporarily and deletes it afterwards, right?

2018-09-08 15:24

Please, I want the user's hide function
I hope you do not see video comments etc ...

2018-10-17 00:23

Big thumbs up for the booru like tagging system and better search, this is desperately needed

2018-10-17 03:11

Search by file hash would be great.

2018-10-26 08:43

This is a small thing, but explain the tag separators. I don't know what works.

2018-10-26 15:59
Please, I want the user's hide function

user filter and other content filter will create a fake community without real communication where people only seek to get praised and liked. We see this allrdy everywhere over the internet. someone who is to negative and use to much critism will get banned or marginalized. you cant really express your opinion, you have to pretend to be friend with everyone.

i prefere it Raw :0

2018-11-04 04:52

gelbooru tag/search +1

also, the idea of rating a video based on likes compared to views is only gonna work, if views only apply ONCE per account and only members. otherwise its a crap idea.
just a bit of math will tell u that the top of the 'likes' catagory, would be beaten by videos from page 50 (all vids 1y+ old)
not to mention, some ppl will give videos they don't like more views just to bring it down the rank list..

2018-11-05 12:22

The current search function isn't worked properly.
It is especially weak in searching Japanese words because it can't get all the results regarding the keywords.
If I search for "ミク", this function can only recognises results contain "ミク" followed by a space or a symbol character.
Continuous words like "ミクさん" can't be recognised thus won't be show.
More example like "シュレディンガイガー" and "シュレディンガイガーのこねこ" will show exactly different results without repeating.

2018-12-05 16:26

Been a while since I visited iwara, now I see that it uses HTTPS I see that they finally took upon my request even though the original request was HTTPS for logging in only but it's better that they encrypted the whole site, and by the way what is with the slow access to the website since I came back?

2018-12-08 22:47
by the way what is with the slow access to the website since I came back?

Just a temporary thing I guess, it's not usually this bad.