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#1 2020-02-25 19:29

[Model] Gravity Daze/Gravity Rush models for MMD

I made an account here because of the following message:
So, ever since some people started to rip models from PS4 games, i assumed Gravity Rush games could have been next and at some point, a user on Twitter release a collection of files for the models


And at some point, a user on DeviantArt made character models for MMD which were:
* Kat
* Raven
* Kali
* Durga
* Nude bases for Kat and Raven
The models weren't perfect and need some tweaks but as of recently, said user got them back after losing them and the models being deleted from the site until they were recovered


If you look at the account, there's more models from Gravity Rush 2, as i've said
The fact that these models were gone at first is why i made an account for this site: I wanted more people to be aware they existed, preserve them and make them more available
The models having problems could potentially motivate some users to help fix them and maybe even make them work for other programs besides MMD
And i'd like to see content being made with these models, whether it's NSFW content or even playable models for Garry's Mod, a lot of possibilities

One reason for this topic could be about the preservation of video game assets being an important aspect of video game history documentation and another could be that the Gravity Rush games are underrated and deserve some love

I'm not sure i'll stay on this site for long but i hope this thread has some positive impact for the models