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#1 2022-08-06 05:12

MMD Not Opening with less MBs than 10

Well, I'm not a beginner anymore but just an average with small experiences knowing about MMD and blender stuffs.

So I don't see any problems which will clash in MMD when I saved a model with small amount of parts added from PMXEditor:

65,450 - Vertices
107,161 - Faces
5 Sets - Material

271(5+) - Bones (Motherbone, Center, Groove, Waist, Legs IK added)

459(2+) - Morphs (ShoesOFF and Flat Foot added)
2 - Display Panels
0 - Rigid
0 - Joints

Any problems?

2022-08-06 10:41

In the Display section under Facails:
Are you displaying more than 256 morphs?
If so, take morphs out of the display until you display less than 256 facials.

There is a bug, where too many facials in display can cause MMD to crash.
You model can still have as many morphs as it wants, just not display all of them.

2022-08-06 17:28

I didn't know about a bug like you said. So It now somewhat work well and nice since I removed all of morphs from display panel.

Thank you, tyron82.

But one thing more.. is there a way to disable Blender from cleaning my order list of materials and morphs after exporting a model?

An example for PMXEditor In material or morph tab:

Before Blender
- Hat
- Dress
- :)

After Blender
- :)
- Dress
- Hat

Why is this?

about last 4 months was around 20~50 in Material Tab and 25~100 in Morph Tab.

Well, re-list them up after blender every time I saved is kinda a pain in the ass or pissing me off /:

Any ideas?

In your iwara account I like these tutorials you made :D I mean, forum.

2022-08-07 09:55

There is a checkbox "sort materials" when exporting,
but I have no idea if that does anything.
I think I remember others also had this problem,
tho I don't think they found a solution. :/

Also, thank you ^^
If you have any ideas for tutorials,
feel free to tell me (in DM or comments, so I get a notification lmao).

2022-08-07 22:39

No problem. I can see why there's nothing else than "sort materials" in these options when exporting. Wish if they could add a new option in Blender(MMD Tools) that will stays no changes in PMXEditor(list - all tabs) which should be for default settings or not.

Well, even if not, I'll have to put numbers like this in Blender:

- 1 Hat
- 2 Dress
- 3 :)

In order to avoid being re-listed when exporting from Blender. I don't know if this may help or won't work, but thank you, tho, tyron82.

And will do if I learn or think something that may be useful for simple tutorials. (Notification goes same for me. lol)