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#1 2020-09-16 11:43


https://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/rrb4yhxzjxuz80aow model at this video have great dress in silver color with reflect how can i make this ? This is spa sph or color of dress? I cant create gold and silver color .i use android so i know about limitiations ( phone is samsung a5) PocketMqo not provide effects only light can be moved in directions.i read that spa or sph can be create alone but it not works for model like this https://www.deviantart.com/narashadows/art/MMD-Ino-Yamanaka-PTS-DL-80669... .i think reason is sph or spa effect is added when model is in process of creation not after model is ready

2020-09-16 13:37

It is Blender or C4D make.
Not MMD.