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#1 2022-06-24 03:16

Low Server Power continued

I've seen the latest post on low server power and a suggestion for GEO restrictions. I would simply have another idea: a Premium account option that some sources tell me is being considered.

What seems to be the best solution would be a Free Account for viewing material and limited/no download options and a Premium Account that has download options and/or better resolution allowed.

That IMO would make most sense and tbh if I had to pay some $5 per months for a Premium, I'd be glad to considering how much hmm... enjoyment the ecchi side of this site has brought me.

Who's in? Or are you thinking of other solutions?

2022-06-24 04:51

No. The internet is full of enough greed. all the metric websites I've searched indicate that they make enough revenue from ads and traffic already to fully support a robust server system in every country, and pay a full time developer to keep the site up and running and releasing new features. There's no reason to pay them, especially when this website has been just short of unusable garbage with next to no features for YEARS.

Also, you would really pay the WEBSITE rather than the artist that is the actual intellectual rights owner of the MMDs, and who put their time, blood, sweat, tears, and creativity into making the amazing mmd models and videos we all love? iwara.tv is literally nothing more than a storage bin with a video player, and has done NOTHING to be worth charging for.

2022-06-24 11:56

"Nothing to be worth charging for"

Ya know, except program, develop, moderate, and host the site. The singular censor-free haven on the Internet. If it's so easy and worthless, do it yourself. This is not the Empire of Google with its bottomless pockets. There is a reason there is no direct competitor to YouTube.

Moving on from the ungrateful, entitled jackass:

This already exists. It's been up for about a year. You can thank it for Iwara's continued existence. https://ehmmd.com/

It has more features, more quality control, a better search engine and tag system, a filter system... things I'm sure will come to Iwara once it becomes financially sustainable. That, or the sites will merge somehow.

Hopefully this doesn't cause anyone to harass me via PM like the idiot who wanted GEO restrictions has been.

2022-06-24 12:26

how it is that variety of stuid ideas is considered by community itself?

You're very worth dlc and other scam stuff that developers make these days.
Od iwara discord admin told us that it is software problem and servers are good.

2022-06-24 18:07

I'd say enforce the rules if capacity is the issue. There are too many authors that are selling their "friends" to watch private videos. One uploader has 30 pages of private videos & you must access their off-site pay site & be a member ! 30+ pages ! Others put a 30 second to one minuet video, then say visit their off-site for full videos & full resolution. For a fee, of course. Also, the problem with charging a fee, is the original IP holders could get involved & sue Iwara for compensation. Rooster Teeth is notorious for that. Now imagine Hoyoverse, Kancolle, Azur Lane, etc coming for their piece of the pie ! Free-Fair Use, Paid-IP holders come first. But that's just my opinion.... If volunteer moderators are needed, I'll volunteer ! I have the free time to do it...

2022-06-25 04:47

Made a post in another thread that is relevant to this thread as well.

Wouldn't it be nice if those websites gave accurate results? It's too bad that they don't have REAL data to produce their estimates and instead base it entirely on their own assumptions and guesses. They also assume each website is 100% properly monetized. Which we are not. I just checked Worth of Web for the first time in quite a while. According to them, we make an estimated $1,600,000 per month. Wow, that would be impressive.

If these websites were even remotely accurate, I'd be a millionaire by this point and Iwara would never have any problems because I could just throw unlimited money at it. But the fact is that they are not. They don't even know how much traffic we really get. They DO NOT have access to our analytics.

Example of how wrong they are.
Worth of Web

Actual, for May of 2022.

Sessions = visits
Users = unique visitors

1.6 million per month is possible if 10% of all of Iwara's visitors were to give us $5 every month. But that is an absurd percentage that will never happen.

2022-06-26 18:28

As seen from the graph above, while maybe impressive to a McDonalds employee, the website is making pocket money compared to big sites. I am absolutely willing to pay the cost of $5 per month for a Premium account if this helps and to assume that Iwara, the site that I've loved for years despite problems, is floating with money is absurd. This is not YouTube or PornHub.

And actually PornHub has Premium Accounts, mind you, and they charge more than $5 leaving you with granny fart videos of advanced cellulite and "camera man had one job" videos if you don't pay at this point. What Iwara creators could do, if they haven't already, is to make an account and ask the site owners about partner programs to get some insight (or just straight out copy them if nothing else)

On that point, I know for a fact that a significant amount of the money from PornHub goes to Partners. Yes, a Partner Program is something that Iwara could consider.

So look, in the end the cost of paying a few bucks that everyone who's not homeless can afford is worth having better insfrastructure/software/options for the site and possibly a Partner Program for chosen users as well (or some other form of partial redistribution to creators). To me everybody wins this way.

Funny how some people would want the creators pay for increasing their upload limit but then we have talks about their "blood, sweat and tears" (uh, I don't think making MMD should be *that painful*). Well there's blood, sweat and tears for viewers, site owners and creators if the site has issues. Iwara was at a breaking point a few years ago and survived only due to the determination of the small group that owns it. Not saying the team is perfect but they aren't the bad guys here.

So in the end usable Free and Premium versions of this site are the best end goal from how I see it at least