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#1 2021-11-23 16:31

Looking for a video with Bounce Generation by TJR / VINAI as the BGM [TJR / VINAIの「Bounce Generation」をBGMにした動画を探しています]

I was just reviewing my MMD exclusive song list and heard Bounce Generation by TJR / VINAI.

I can't remember which mmd or hmv I heard this song from before I added it to my list.

I want to know which video it was so badly and would appreciate any help you can give me.

Here is the youtube link to the song, please listen to it and see if you remember the mmd or hmv that used the song.

自分で作ったMMD限定の曲リストを見直していたら、TJR / VINAIのBounce Generationが聞こえてきました。




2021-11-23 17:29

What a coincidence, I also heard this song on an HMV, and I'm even making an MMD sex video using this song

2021-11-23 17:32

i saw hmv on rule34video i will look for it for you

2021-11-23 17:33
2021-11-23 17:53

This video is awesome, but unfortunately I'm pretty sure that it wasn't the one I was looking for that I had seen months ago. Thank you for your willingness to help.