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#1 2020-01-25 17:05

Looking for someone who could create a mmd model (for free and private model)

Hello, i'm looking for someone who are very good at MMD Model creation (and who can take free request too), i would like to ask if someone can make this Minecraft skin ---> https://fr.namemc.com/skin/de7660e4782dcd7a in a "human" style (when i say human i don't want the cubic style or rigging from Mine-imator or other software, don't know if i'm okay in my expleanations)

As i don't know what's better between basic MMD Models and TDA, i just take one of two style.

Also, i don't have much things to ask, i just want a model of it with face, eyes, eyebrows and others sliders (in short, a well made model...).

^ Btw if you have any question that can help for the model creation, feel free to ask it.