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#1 2020-10-16 20:04

The "Likes" system is all over the place


I just wanted to bring to attention that new videos are scrambled and disorganized when you try to sort them by likes. A video that should have #10 place can be sometimes found on page 16 to give an extreme case. Videos with 100 likes are next to those with 600-1000 likes. I'm not a creator but this is bad for MMDers because they're randomly not getting the credit they deserve.

I think that after a month or so it gets sorted out but the damage is always already done in this case. This is not good for anybody so if you could, please take a look into it.


2020-10-17 18:30

Yeah, i would like this was fixed. Sort by likes its a nice feature when you try to find good MMD but it is not very accurate.

2020-10-17 21:51

New videos are not sorted by "likes". New videos are sorted by date.

You can sort by Likes by Year (e.g. 2020) and Month (e.g. October) using links in the right sidebar but those don't help too much daily.

If you browse iwara a lot you can try using this chrome app to sort by likes (on the same page): search "Iwara U" on chrome webstore I can't post link here for some reason.

default sort is "popular" but you can change it to "likes" using badge icon in the top right of chrome browser

So you can use Iwara's 2020 October sorting to find monthly videos sorted by "likes" and then you can use the chrome app to find new videos sorted by "likes" (per page)

2020-10-20 09:29

Likes sorting isn't real-time.

You can use browser addon 'Auto Pagerize' to load all videos in one page.
And re-sorting by addon/extension.

'iwara 1-click filter' alos has a sorting function and compatible for 'Auto Pagerize'.