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#1 2020-10-16 20:04

The "Likes" system is all over the place


I just wanted to bring to attention that new videos are scrambled and disorganized when you try to sort them by likes. A video that should have #10 place can be sometimes found on page 16 to give an extreme case. Videos with 100 likes are next to those with 600-1000 likes. I'm not a creator but this is bad for MMDers because they're randomly not getting the credit they deserve.

I think that after a month or so it gets sorted out but the damage is always already done in this case. This is not good for anybody so if you could, please take a look into it.


2020-10-17 18:30

Yeah, i would like this was fixed. Sort by likes its a nice feature when you try to find good MMD but it is not very accurate.

2020-10-17 21:51

New videos are not sorted by "likes". New videos are sorted by date.

You can sort by Likes by Year (e.g. 2020) and Month (e.g. October) using links in the right sidebar but those don't help too much daily.

If you browse iwara a lot you can try using this chrome app to sort by likes (on the same page): search "Iwara U" on chrome webstore I can't post link here for some reason.

default sort is "popular" but you can change it to "likes" using badge icon in the top right of chrome browser

So you can use Iwara's 2020 October sorting to find monthly videos sorted by "likes" and then you can use the chrome app to find new videos sorted by "likes" (per page)

2020-10-20 09:29

Likes sorting isn't real-time.

You can use browser addon 'Auto Pagerize' to load all videos in one page.
And re-sorting by addon/extension.

'iwara 1-click filter' alos has a sorting function and compatible for 'Auto Pagerize'.

2020-10-31 11:43

sometimes when the website is loading slow than the sorting function doesnt work properly, it can mess up things. Only when the website operates fast enough than your results will be acurate.

Plus when a video has big changes to its like and view score it will be send to Gulag, erm.. i mean a false rank position. and it will take several weeks until its position in the ranklist will normalize and become acurate. It happens allways to new videos.

the like function does its job to separate good from bad videos, but its only for the mainstream. it fails at showing niche videos and creators with a small fanbase. So its very crude, someone who wants more need to go down and search it all by himself D;

2020-10-31 22:47

I did notice it takes weeks for videos to be finally sorted out. I don't know about niche creators really being that inconvenienced - if your videos are great, they will become popular. That said, IwaraU doesn't really work, just sorts a single page instead of the list which is quite ridiculous unfortunately. I'll check if what is suggested by erono works.

2020-11-01 01:13

It can take weeks to sort out the respective rank, but its not allways the case. sometimes its emediately on point..

with "niche" i mean for example less popular girls, or some kind of rare fetish. or creators that havent gain popularity yet. It can happen that an excelent video has only 300 likes, it deserves a better score but you cant do anything about it because somehow it couldnt manage to catch major attention for some kind of silly reason. you will be surprised how many great videos have less than 500 likes just go down and check those jewels out for yourself D;

i wanted to use link for example, but apperently the forum has now Link restriction. which is really kind of unacceptable? :I

2020-11-01 20:42

Not really. I am so much of a veteran consumer that I know half or more of the entire Ecchi Iwara database - you can challenge me on that if you want. :D In 90% of the cases if your videos are really good, they will be noticed and go up in the ranks. I sometimes really enjoy simple 2D-style animations here but even they usually get at least 500 likes if they're well made. I can pinpoint what makes a video work or not though I don't want to be consisently critical, it's supposed to be a fun place.

To give my opinion on your case - your videos are one video that was yours and 4 compilations - the last 2 being kind of a mess where you superimposed a few videos one onto another, including the audio, oh my. That's just not the way to do things. The two that are a compilation of 3D short animations did give you 600 likes each, they're definitely better quality ... though they're not your work in the strictest definition. Your first upload years ago gave you about 100 likes ... good for a first upload, especially if you're not yet a pro. I'd say enjoy what you're doing and take it step by step instead of wanting instant fame. Creating for Iwara takes time. I dabbled with After Effects, so I know how much time projects can take more or less.

So dude, don't give up so easily. Take your time to catch up and improve since you started, have fun with creating. So far you really made 1 to 3 videos that are truly yours and that's good. You need some patience and most of all you have to enjoy whatever you do. I fell into this wrong mindset of wanting instant fame myself a few times, so I know how it is. Ok "instant" as in "after a few tries" but still, I'd just say have fun with creating, learn from what didn't work and never give up (unless you really want to do something else). Whether you have 300 or 3000 likes, it still means that you have people who like your stuff and connect with you.

2020-11-06 21:32

well, i have come to the conclusion that less than 0,1% of videos here on Iwara are truly good, those kind of videos that you can watch any time without getting tired or bored about it, like allways makes you happy. First of all every video of this kind is a personal favorite, it can be for everyone a different video there is no general rule. And secondary, it can have any rank it really doesnt matter as long you like it for whatever reason. Reallity is from those 60.000+ videos on iwara i feature less than 100. When i Made those Playlists and Monthly compilations i lie to myself and compromise "rellatively" good videos for the sake of everyone. But in my heart i knew that i dont really like those videos and they are boring to me, but i also noticed that a few very rare files just catch my attention all the time. And i begin to focus more on videos that i really like all the time, known of what the true meaning of "favorites" is suposed to be with no trades or compromises.

I give up because i dont feel like this community enjoy compilations, they think its all theft and garbage. But i also dont like to go to websites were compilations are usually posted. so yea its no fun.

I belive you. wellcome to the veteran club <3

My Miku compilation is more about the chaos, its a wonderful overstimulation. If youre not into this kind of hardcore stuff its probably not for you D;

2020-11-03 23:51

The "likes ranking" isn't updated automatically. It only updates when I run Drupal's re-index feature. I don't do this very often as it is super resource demanding because I cannot tell it to do only videos. It will do everything posted to the site, including playlists.

I have, however, a while back enabled the ability for authors to manually update their own rankings. All they have to do is click on edit and then re-save a video to update the like ranking of that one video.

2020-11-08 02:06

heavensBait, compilations are fine by all standards IMO, though they are not "fully" your work. Compilations of Iwara works - I'd like to make them, they'd be masterpiece but they not only wouldn't really be mine but wouldn't survive long. It's sad that you like a fraction of the videos but I can't argue on tastes. I like quite a lot of them.

2020-11-08 02:09

Glad to see you're alive, Admin. No, don't get mad, I really haven't come across you for some time, maybe bad luck. It's good to know that creators have this re-edit option then. I will remind them if I see like a video with 1,000 likes somewhere in ranking oblivion.