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2016-04-14 08:42

Is this a known issue with unlisted videos? Example:
- go to http://ecchi.iwara.tv/node/48012
- see the [high quality (60fps/FHD)] link. This is a link to unlisted video.

Problem is:
- if I'm logged in, I can't see the video. The link loads main index instead.
- if I'm logged out, I CAN see the video. It loads and plays fine.

I think this should've been the other way around.

2016-04-14 08:58

Yeah, I'll add that. The issue is with the link itself, not the video page. We have a known issue with links being a bit...tricky.

2016-05-07 10:44

I'm having an issue similar to reyaz006, when I try to view a person who I am following it says "User has no videos" in the ecchi side, general shows all of the appropriate videos, and when I'm not logged in the ecchi side then displays the videos that are supposed to be there.

2016-05-21 07:17

Any way to delete messages? I have an abundant of Omglioromg messages from that whole tantrum episode of his.

2016-05-21 08:03

Should be able to, select it from inside inbox and choose delete from dropdown

2016-05-21 08:45

Thanks! I see it now. Odd how I overseen it.

2016-05-23 00:48

Anyway to report spam/junk uploads/posts?

This one looks like some kind of drug-bot.

2016-05-23 03:20

Can pm me a message if you see stuff like that. Thanks.

2016-06-07 22:52

The keyword search does not work with lots of japanese word.
Maybe it is problem of tokenizer. 3-gram index is better for japanese words.

2016-06-08 23:13

Is far as I can tell, it's currently impossible to delete past journal entries. I hope this gets changed.

Also, it seems embedded videos are only visible to users who are logged in. My latest upload does not show up on the home/videos page if I'm logged out.

2016-06-08 23:30

You can delete them by appending /edit to the end of the journal entry URL. It's an oversight that should get fixed at some point.

For your embed.. I don't know what to tell you on that right now. It works for me logged in or not. Only thing I can think of is to make sure you are on correct version of site.

2016-06-09 00:05

Thanks for the journal entry workaround!

The video shows up for me too now. Guess embedded videos just take longer to show up for non-registered users.

2016-06-09 00:07

It was most likely a result of our caching system. I think it should take about 5 minutes for it to update and show new content.

2016-06-11 07:00

Just curious how come users have node links and guests have canonical links? What stops everybody from using just the nodes

edit: also unrelated but video loading is unbearable now. Now it loads at something like 15kB/s.

2016-06-11 07:39

Links are just a bit messed up right now.
Sometimes those speeds can happen when the server you are trying to read from is overloaded. However, none at this time are at that point. Streams are just fine on our end, running at about 70% of available capacity... may need more soon.

If/when you notice this happening, feel free to right click in the video player and open link or copy link address to be able to let us know what server is currently having that issue. Maybe we can look into if it is happening too often on just one server.

2016-06-13 18:39

Download speeds are still poor across the board between and fluctuate between 10-150kb/s, not much distinction between any of the servers (Teto, Rin, etc). One of the main issues is that there's a certain speed that the server has to provide to download a video, otherwise the link we're given expires before the download finishes.

I suppose this is just a consequence of providing only high-quality video. Having lower quality options would lessen the load considerably (360p would not be terrible) and I have read your earlier posts about the fallback flash video player being reimplemented so I will wait patiently for that to come.

2016-06-13 19:09

I can't recall having any problems downloading videos. I checked just now and I'm downloading with a stable 1050 KB/s. Then again my timezone is vastly different than e.g. Japan, so I guess I seldom browse the site during peak hours.

2016-06-13 22:22

Right now is a good time to test as the servers are not currently overloaded. During the Japan prime time, servers are very much topping out, and nothing we can do about that right this moment aside from buying more servers. Will need to give it more time and see how funds turn out for the month.

2016-08-08 17:25

Some videos take forever to load/download and many of them have random pauses occur even if it has loaded succesfully. What causes this?

Example of a video that has the aforementioned issues http://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/R4DRsqZvHlj41k0

Example of a video that loads perfectly and has no issues whatsoever http://ecchi.iwara.tv/node/79966

2016-09-14 18:28

ilove you

2016-09-14 19:01

That method of deleting journal entries doesn't work for me. After a little bit of investigating, I think it's because I'm trying to add "/edit" after a /content URL, rather than a /node URL, because when I went to edit a video, the URL changed from /video to /node. Is there any way to know what /node URL a journal entry would have?

2016-09-18 21:57


If you view the HTML file for your journal page you'll be able to find the node your journal entry is on. (ctrl-f for "shortlink" if you can't find it)

A question for the admin:

What is the official stance on users uploading then deleting their videos repeatedly to "bump" them to the front page?

2016-09-18 23:22

We will add an edit button, since it needs one.

There was never one since it didn't really happen much, but we can always reconsider and add more rules as necessary.

2016-09-19 17:52

How exactly does the site handle cookies? What I'm finding, is that the "OMG ADULT CONTENT, LET'S HIDE EVERYTHING" is the default behavior of every single tab.

If I have Tab 1 open with a video, and then say click "Open link in new tab" for the author of said video, I'll see "This user has no videos". Or if I click to open a different video in a new tab, the "OMG ADULT CONTENT" video will play without issue, but all of the suggestions are "SFW"(lol) tagged videos.

However, if I directly left click and stay in the same tab on a new video, or on an author, I'll see that the author does in fact have videos, or that the suggested results will feature "NSFW" content.

The only site I've ever seen behave this was is Dailymotion. Is this intentional?

2016-09-19 21:18

Content is separated by domain, and cookies are not involved with that. Never heard of it switching back to general without intentionally doing so since it requires clicking the button or manually typing in the domain.

2016-09-20 18:18

Yeah, now I notice the ecchi. in front of everything. That would also explain it. I probably had a single .iwara.tv tab open, and when I clicked the ecchi button, it changed the main tab, but not the others. With cookies, I'd expect it to update everywhere, after a page reload. But with domains, it makes perfect sense why nothing was updating.

2016-11-01 11:17

I can't get any of the videos on the site to work. They keep looping like it's going to play, but never does.

Also, trying to download the file instead sends me to a dead link: http://meiko.iwara.tv/file.php?expire=1478017028&hash=10c73279a4a0a65a60...

2016-11-01 17:44

Muchisimas Gracias!

2017-01-16 04:07

Cannot edit or delete playlists from profile page?

2017-01-16 06:11

Should be able to from your content list.