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#1 2020-10-30 11:51

[Issue] something about those " 's " has to be done..

So overall, ever since I remember, everytime I use " 's " in my titles there's that weird "'s" bug. that's kinda annoying ~
It's not just for me tho, some people seem to have it too from time to time. idk.
What's the issue ??

2020-10-30 19:31

1. Start uploading your video.
2. Open another Iwara tab, click on "videos", and look through other people's video titles until you find a title with a good looking apostrophe.
3. Click on that person's video.
4. Copy the apostrophe from that person's video title.
5. Click on the first Iwara tab with your own video being uploaded.
6. Paste the other person's apostrophe into your own video title right beside your own apostrophe.
7. Click [ctrl +] repeatedly until the apostrophes becomes really large on your display.
8. Compare the fonts of the two apostrophes. They aren't exactly identical, right?
9. Delete your own apostrophe, so only the other person's apostrophe remains.
10. Save your newly uploaded Iwara video, having a problem free apostrophe from the first second it exists.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with this simple method!

(Please come to my channel and copy problem free apostrophes and ampersands for your video titles?)

2020-10-31 07:12

That doesn't solve anything

2020-11-02 02:13

Video titles show special characters such apostrophes using their html code instead of the actual character. The simplest way to avoid this is to simply remove the apostrophe.