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#1 2021-01-12 12:45


i have question is possible to redone motions (these use op option/function/ but my phone app dont allow to use this) to make the same animation without that function? I got some motions but i cant use them unless op function is addded(i try fix models because legs not work but it not help) i asked abotu the same motions thread ago and someone say about disable ik bone from leg but i cant find person who can make this(i have been kicked from discord ) and yesterday i discover my phone app dont use op option/function

2021-01-13 10:49

Some models get their feet glued to the ground when some motions are loaded on them. There are two types of MMD models: PMD & PMX.

If you have one type of model and load a motion intended for the other type, then might feet glued to the ground occur sometimes.

One solution is to fix the IK bones in the legs, as other people already have advised you earlier.

Another more crude solution is to simply convert the model from one type to the other, and then load the motion and see what happens.

PMD edit can be used as a PMX-PMD or PMD-PMX converter.

In PMD edit, please click Information(I), and then click PM_ to edit switching (X). PM_ will be the opposite type to your currently loaded model.


PMD edit is a PC software, so you are supposed to use a PC computer instead of a phone for your MMD production.

2021-01-13 13:38

But after someone fix model bones(some problems with bone parenting) but it nit help .at least i get info motions use op function (my app not allow to use it so any model fix not help) thats why i asked about redone motions to use them without op function .i dont know if it is possible i will make request for somebdy to make these motions works without that function mentioned.if it is not posibble i just give up