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[Important] Website Rules and Conduct (Updated 02-06-2020)



Iwara Moderators:


  • IMPORTANT! Youtube video is no longer allowed on ECCHI domain!
  • ALL users must follow the Code of Conduct rules!
    1. You are responsible for the content you post.
      This includes information, text, photos, messages etc. If you didn’t create the content that
      you post, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary consents.
    2. Respect other users.
      Set the tone for online conversations by being polite, open and respectful. It is not expected
      that you will agree with other users at all times but it is expected that you write your
      comments in a respectful way. Any abusive, offensive or inflammatory posts or any
      comments which personally attack any individual will not be tolerated and will be removed.
      Do not post unauthorized personal information!
      If you find any user to be in violation of ANY rule posted here, do not act on your own against them. Instead, report to admin and let us handle it.
    3. Zero spam tolerance
      • Posting a single link to an external service such as Patreon from within your video or profile is fine.
      • Attempting to reach out to other users by methods such as PMs to advertise anything at all will result in permanent bans.
      • Any videos or images intended to advertise an external link are not allowed.
      • DO NOT mass PM other users for any reason.
      • DO NOT post similar messages on multiple user profiles.
    4. Do not fill pages with uploads
      Allow at least 5 videos to be posted after yours before uploading another. There are no exceptions to this.
    5. Paid Content UPDATED!
      Using our member supported website for hosting "paid only" content for any source will not be tolerated. Find your own means of doing this using the funds you raise. It is not expensive nor hard to serve video using a free website script. If you need direction for getting started then feel free to contact Arvixe.

      What we DO allow:

      • Exclusive member only content on third party sites. Content posted to Iwara MUST be the full version, but not everything you make needs to be posted.
      • Videos may contain a SINGLE link to each third party member site in use, along with a brief description of what may be found.
      • 720p or better quality with link(s) to higher resolutions.
      • Reasonable watermarking. Nothing excessive or obnoxious.

      What we DO NOT allow:

      • Censored, Cut short, or otherwise altered versions of member only content on third party sites.
      • Advertisement content intended only to promote a link.
      • Lowres (less than 720p) of content requiring third party membership to view.
      • Low visual picture quality regardless of pixel resolution of content requiring third party membership to view.
      • Hidden videos that require payment through third party sites to view.
    6. One account per member
      There is no reason to need more than one account. Additional accounts will be disabled if found.
      Banned members may not make a new account. We will continuously issue bans and IP bans as necessary.
    7. Rules will be changed or added and forum threads may be excluded as administration deems necessary. Do not be "that guy" which forces us to add one.

    Forums UPDATED!

    • Threads must be created in the proper forums.
    • All threads focused on providing downloads (models, assets, videos, etc) must go under Sharing.
    • Do not make multiple threads about your own content. Stick to one "mega thread".
    • Mega threads are to be used for posting links to videos too large to upload directly.
    • Links to Download files MUST be from one of the following providers: MEGA, Google Drive, Zippyshare, tstorage, torrent downloads.
      IMPORTANT! tstorage is considered the official host for Iwara.tv.

    Uploading UPDATED!

    • As always, uncensored content is perfectly fine and encouraged (ecchi side ONLY). Japan's laws have no effect on us, and any attempt to gain knowledge of our users will be denied. We do not store identifying information on our servers.
    • Videos and images must be uploaded with the correct content rating. Do not publish adult content to the general side. We will be enforcing a semi-strict policy on nudity and suggestive content.
      1. Models shown wearing any standard clothing, bikini, or other outfits that would not be considered extreme may be uploaded to general side.
      2. Any visible nudity belongs on ecchi side.
      3. ALL situations where a model is being used in scenarios that imitate or strongly imply sexual intercourse in any way belong on ecchi side regardless of the model's state of dress. This includes riding machines.
    • Uploads may no longer be of intentional low visual quality (pixelation, resolution, etc.)
    • "Test" uploads are strictly no longer allowed and will be removed.
    • Uploaded videos or images must be your own work. Do NOT upload content you have downloaded from another user.
    • Duplicate videos, even if they are your own, are not allowed. Administration will delete them when noticed.
    • IMPORTANT! Multiple versions of the same video are no longer allowed. Pick two, and offer the rest elsewhere.
    • DO NOT use adfly or similiar link services.
    • Potentially offensive content must now be flagged as such when uploaded. Please see the note below for details.

    Regarding offensive content UPDATED!
    In order to help prevent numerous potential issues from arising in the future, we will now begin to enforce a rule that potentially offensive content must be flagged as such.
    The following content is required to be flagged:

    • Any video or image depicting obvious minors (loli or shota) involved in any obscene or sexual situations.
    • Any video or image depicting obvious minors (loli or shota) that are barely clothed, or in the nude.
    • Any video or image depicting bestiality.
    • Any video or image depicting rape or abuse.

    For the first two points, age will be determined by the character's appearance. A 1,000 year old loli character will be treated as a minor, just the same as it would be to the general public.

    How to report reprinted content
    With the increase in reprinted video uploads, we will now begin accepting official takedown requests. Repeat offenders may find accounts to be disabled.
    Reports must be sent by private messaging to admin OR by email through our contact form, and be formatted as follows:
    Title: Request for Removal
    Body must contain:

    1. Link to offending upload
    2. Link to the same content from the origin website showing a date of upload
    3. Link to a screenshot showing the content in your account page of the origin website
    4. Statement confirming illegal reproduction and request for removal

    After submitting a request, please allow up to 72 hours for it to be reviewed. If the above information is not provided in full, we cannot guarantee the offending video will be removed immediately. Please understand that the above requirements are in place to help prevent false reports or mistaken identity.
    Accounts that send multiple false reports may have all future requests ignored.
    Our suggested course of action when you find a video which has been reprinted and is not yours, is to contact the uploader on the origin website and let them know the situation and how to resolve it if they wish to do so. He/She must decide if action needs to be taken.

  • 2016-03-15 01:11

    Iwara Moderators:

    - 【重要】YouTube動画は ECCHIドメインに投稿できません。
    - すべてのIwaraユーザーは以下のルールを守らなくてはなりません。

    - 投稿されたコンテンツの責任は投稿者にあります。


    - ユーザー同士で尊重し合いましょう。


    - スパムゼロにむけて

    - 投稿コンテンツページもしくはプロフィールページからのクラウドファンディングサイトなどの外部サイトへのリンクは一つまでは問題ありません。
    - プライベートメッセージで他のユーザーに対して何かを宣伝する行為はアカウントの永久停止に繋がります。
    - 外部サイトを宣伝することを目的とした動画や画像は、いかなるものであっても許されません。
    - 他のユーザーに対して、プライベートメッセージを大量に送りつけることは絶対にやめてください。
    - 似たような内容のメッセージを複数のプロフィールに投稿しないでください。

    - 投稿ページを同一ユーザーの投稿だけで埋め尽くさないでください。

    - 課金コンテンツについて【更新あり】
    Iwara内でユーザーを課金限定のコンテンツに誘導するのは許されません。その場合はご自身で外部サービスを利用するなどして対応してください。ウェブホスティングの費用は高くはありません。そういったサポートを必要とされる場合は Arvixe のご利用をおすすめいたします。

    - 許可されること

    - 外部サイトに投稿されている課金限定コンテンツ。Iwaraにそのコンテンツを投稿する場合は完全版でなけれなければいけません。もちろんすべての課金コンテンツをIwaraに投稿する必要はありません。
    - 投稿には簡単な説明とともに、外部の会員サイトへのリンクが一つ含まれる場合があります。
    - HD画質(720p)以上のものが見られるリンク
    - 合理的な範囲内のウォーターマーク(電子透かし)

    - 許可されないこと

    - 修正版、短縮版、その他加工版が投稿されている外部サイトへのリンク。
    - リンクを宣伝するためだけの投稿コンテンツ
    - HD画質(720p)未満の動画コンテンツで、それ以上の画質で見るために外部サイトへ登録させる行為
    - 画質が悪い画像コンテンツで、それ以上の画質で見るために外部サイトへ登録させる行為
    - 閲覧させるために、外部サービスにて課金が必要な非公開の動画コンテンツ。

    - 1人1アカウント


    - 規約は変更、もしくは追加され、フォーラムスレッドも必要に応じて除外されます。運営を困らせる人にはならないでください。

    - フォーラム【更新】

    - スレッドは適切なフォーラムで作成しなければなりません。
    - 素材(モデル、アセット、動画など)を提供することにフォーカスしたすべてのスレッドは共有されなければなりません。
    - あなたのコンテンツに係るスレッドは複数作らないでください。その場合は一つのスレッドに投稿するようにしてください。
    - 巨大なスレッドは動画コンテンツのリンクを投稿するために利用してくだい。直接動画をアップロードするにはファイル容量が大きすぎるためです。
    - ファイルをダウンロードするためのリンクは次のサービスのものでなければいけません。MEGA, Google Drive, Zippyshare, tstorage, torrent。【重要】 tstorage は Iwara.tvが推奨する公式のサービスです。

    - 投稿について【更新】

    - 原則、無修正コンテンツが推奨されます(ECCHIサイド限定です)。日本の法律の影響はIwara.tvにはありません。そして、ユーザー情報を取得する試みは拒否されます。Iwara.tvでは個人を識別する情報はサーバーに保存されません。
    - 動画と画像は正しいコンテンツレーティングでアップロードされなければなりませんなりません。アダルトコンテンツを一般面に公開しないでください。Iwara.tvではヌードや挑発的にコンテンツに対して、半厳格的なポリシーを実施します。

    1. 標準的な衣服、ビキニ、その他の衣装が見えるモデルは一般サイドにアップロードされるものとみなします。
    2. ヌードとみなされるものはECCHIサイドに属します。
    3. モデルの衣服の状況に関わらず、何かしらのかたちで性行為を模倣、もしくは暗示させるものをはECCHIサイド属します。これはライディングマシンも含まれます。

    - 意図的な低画質のアップロードはしないでください。
    - “テスト”アップロードは決してしないでください。削除されます。
    - 投稿する動画や画像は投稿者自身の作品でなければなりません。他者の作品をダウンロードして投稿は絶対にしないでください。
    - たとえ、投稿者自身の作品だとしても同じものを複数アップロードすることはできません。運営がそれを見つけ次第、削除します。
    - 【重要】 同じ動画での複数バージョンは許されなくなりました。
    - adflyまたは同様のリンクサービスを使用しないでください。
    - 攻撃的なコンテンツは、投稿時にフラグを立てる必要があります。 詳細については、以下の注を参照してください。

    - 未成年(ロリ、ショタ)のわいせつ、もしくは性的な状況を描いているすべての動画や画像
    - 未成年(ロリ、ショタ)のわいせつ、服をほとんど着ていない、もしくは裸の状況を描いているすべての動画や画像
    - 獣姦を描いているすべての動画や画像
    - レイプ、もしくは性的虐待を描いているすべての動画や画像

    - 転載コンテンツの報告の仕方について

    表題: Request for Removal

    本文: 以下の内容を含めてください。
    1. 転載コンテンツへのリンク
    2. 投稿日時がわかる、オリジナルコンテンツが投稿されているリンク
    3. 元のWebサイトのアカウントページのコンテンツを示すスクリーンショットへのリンク
    4. 違法な複製と削除依頼の表明

    削除リクエスト後、運営がそれを確認するまでに最大72時間かかります。 上記の情報が適切に提供されていない場合、問題の投稿がすぐに削除されることを保証できません。 上記の要件は、虚偽の報告や誤認を防ぐためのものですのでご理解をおねがいします。

    2020-02-07 21:33



    請通过礼貌,开放和尊重,为在线对话定下基调。 预计您不会一直与其他用户达成一致,但是希望您以尊重的方式发表评论。 我们不会容忍任何侮辱性,冒犯性或煽动性的帖子或任何个人攻击任何个人的评论,类似的评论并且将被立刻删除。
    如果您发现任何用户违反此处发布的任何规则,请不要对自己采取行动。 相反,请向管理员们报告并让我们处理。



    4.1,您可以在第三方网站上提供会员专属的内容 但是您必须在iwara网站上提供完整版的视频 (请注意 您并不需要上传所有你的所有创作)


    4.7,禁止解析度的图片 (无论是否需要第三方会员才能查看)

    5.1,没有理由需要多个帐户。 如果找到其他帐户,将被禁用。
    5.2,被禁止的成员可能无法建立新帐户。 我们将根据需要不断发布禁令和IP禁令。
    5.3,如有必要,我們将更改或添加规则,并且在管理部门认为必要时,论坛討論可能被排除在外。 不要成为强迫我们为你特别新增一个新的规则。


    。下载文件的链接必须来自以下提供商之一:MEGA、Google Drive、Zippyshare、tstorage、torrent下载。

    上载 已更新!


    。视频和图像必须以正确的内容分级上传。 请勿将成人内容发布到一般站点。 我们将对裸露内容和暗示内容实施半严格的政策。(以警告及劝导为主)

    。上传的视频或图像必须是您自己的作品。 不要上传您从其他用户下载的内容。
    。上传时,现在必须将可能令人反感的内容标记为此类内容。 有关详细信息,请参见下面的注释。




    对于前两点,年龄将由角色的外观决定。 具有1000年历史的萝莉角色将被视为未成年人,与普通大众一样。

    随着转载的视频上传量的增加,我们现在将开始接受正式的下架要求。 屡犯者可能会发现帐户被禁用。



    2020-03-02 17:11

    "Allow at least 5 videos to be posted after yours before uploading another. There are no exceptions to this."

    Instead of making this a rule, wouldn't it be better to enforce this through the site's programming? For example, there could be a restriction of posting only a few (1-3?) videos per day. That way nobody will accidentally break the rule.
    これをルールにする代わりに、サイトのプログラミングを通じてこれを実施する方が良いと思いませんか?たとえば、1日に数本(1〜3個?)の動画しか投稿できないという制限があります。そうすれば、誰も誤ってルールを破ることはありません。(Google Translate)

    2020-04-08 17:58

    フラグというのはOffensive contentにチェックしておけば、いいのですか?

    2020-04-15 17:23

    Is there a problem with me publishing my AMAZON wish list?

    2020-04-16 16:59



    2020-04-23 18:30

    I might have created an issue (or issues) unintentionally. Since late last year, I've been creating compilations or hmvs of other creators' works WITH permission (with the exception of one) to my Pornhub account. Now, I would like to post those same videos that are at least mmd or anime based in style. But those videos already have both my Twitter and Pornhub urls at the end of the video ALONG with two other external sources crediting the original creator. My intention with the original creator's external source is to show my intentions of give due credit. Do I need to "rework" those videos to remove those external sources before I post them here?

    Also, is there anyway to work around the 300 MB maximum size per video upload?

    2020-05-31 19:08


    2020-06-04 18:58

    Personaje loli en microbikini es contenido General?

    2020-06-10 17:36
    Uploaded videos or images must be your own work. Do NOT upload content you have downloaded from another user.

    This is still to much of an grey area. can you make an official statement about video compilations, slideshows, HMV and AMV?? can i take slices of other creator videos without trouble, or do i have to hope that non of those guys request a takedown? D; because i will obviously never quit.

    I am doing compilations for about 3 years now, and people seem atleast to tolerate this kind of content, no creator complained about it so far. i guess i did something right. It cant be a bad thing. but its still a difficult topic.i want more clarity

    It would take years to get every creator permission, and most of those guys dont even reply at all. compilations are so restricted that most people dont even dare to make some. we need more creative freedom and encoragement in that regard. Stop the Stigma by calling them stealer and reprinter :I

    2020-06-10 20:03

    I currently have 22 videos on my Pornhub account. EVERY compilation/mashup/imagining I have created from sources of other creators I have asked and have received permission to use their material. And that's not counting unfinished projects I have in the works and permission from other creators for projects I have yet to start on. If there is any grey area, doubt, questions, and/or seemingly insurmountable efforts to pursue an endeavor, you make it a non-issue by simply... not endeavoring in it. That's clarity. If you make the exception for one, you'll need to make exceptions for all which will discourage others from exercising their creative freedom which will result in less options to enjoy AND abuse.

    Be accountable. Make no excuses. Show character. Have dignity. That's life.

    2020-06-14 00:06

    i think youre wrong, if your favorite youtuber would ask for permission on every fart he makes, you would get one video per year. but they are making videos every day without worry much about copyright, rather they would use any video material they can find and no one is bitching about it. in this regard MMD is really retarded.

    and it has nothing to do with dignity, this is just a creative process that needs to be resolved instantly. You cant make a plan and split your "work" to some day after you got permission and shit, it just doesnt go that way. once you lose your motivation you wont come back to it, and having so called "permission" is fucking useless it doesnt serve any purpose and doesnt help no one, in the curent state its just a heavy restriction.

    Im not saying your videos are bad, but they could be like 300% better if you start thinking outside the box and use your inspiration instantly when creativity hits you. Im done with a video within 2 hours and than i dont bother with it anymore :0 this is the youtube style creative freedom im talking about, the mindset of "everything uploaded to the internet is mine now"

    you went trought all the needless trouble just to make a 3 minutes compilation, thats kind of sad. I wouldnt do it your way cos thats no fun :3

    getting permission by everyone also required to be a highly liked and respected creator most likely, a status which most people will never achive and a dilema that prevents most people from making compilations. good for you when you manage to be on good terms with all respective creators that is an incredible social skill for sure, but that should never be a requirement.

    just know i am not your enemy, i want to contribute for a better experience and do something for the love of MMD :I

    2020-06-12 10:03
    2020-06-16 14:13

    I have renamed all the videos, is this okay?

    2020-06-23 17:33


    2020-07-07 11:19


    2020-07-14 07:16
    2020-07-15 09:55


    No one reprinted his video. His private video is to pay to watch, your platform actually agreed to his video
    This is the paid link of his platform. It is a private video with 720p picture quality. Your platform agrees with this behavior. I said please change your rules. It's a little disgusting
    Please add a rule: someone reprints your video and allows you to set up private paid videos.
    I suggest you add another rule: allow Chinese authors to set up 90 percent of their personal videos

    2020-07-16 16:38
    2020-07-19 09:57
    2020-07-29 11:16


    2020-07-31 02:38

    Does anyone know where to ask help about this website's UI?
    I want to know how to report spammers, but "Help/Questions" section seems like a place to ask for help with modeling.

    Also, are there any organized help page?

    2020-08-06 16:46

    Fine if youre not up for a disscusion, i will stop making compilations. I wanted to move on to do something else anyways D; you eighter dont hear from me for a long time or i will be back later with a completely different kind of content :3 thanks for everything!

    2020-08-14 08:06
    2020-08-15 07:57

    @heavensBait I saw your messages about "needing clarification because there's still too much of a grey area" and I can say that I understand where your coming from but wanted to throw my two cents in, even if it's not necessarily warranted.

    Though I understand how you feel and the fact that I've enjoyed plenty of compilation videos throughout my life, unfortunately, I can't say I agree with your statements made to back-up the fact that you use other creators material without their permission because it would take too long / some of them don't reply. You have got to remember that these people own the content that you are asking to use and they have every right to ignore / deny any request that authorizes others to use their material... There's two sides to a request to use someone's content, "Yes" or "No".

    Just because you ask does not in any way give you the right to benefit or even just use their content however you see fit, no matter what your plans are for it. I guess what I am trying to say is if you can't receive permission from the creator then it is extremely unfair for you to just ignore what's right and what's wrong because you don't like the answer or the fact that they are unresponsive. Every single one of the creators deserves the right to approve or deny any requests to use their content, without exception. Even if there are 100 different people you need to contact, you're the one taking their content they spent XXX amount of time creating, the LEAST you could do is take some time to request to use the material.

    2020-08-17 07:51
    2020-08-17 17:02

    JesseJamez, people have no controll over content they uploaded to the internet. You may have this illusion because people are just being nice to each other and express their gratitude and respect throught fair behavior, or rather they are just fukin afraid. You can not claim to be the creator of some content because that would be straight up a lie. But material on the internet is nobodies property and if you are legaly able to upload and download material than there are no restrictions to further useability. The only real restriction is when the original creator actaully request a takedown if he doesnt agree with your behavior. And yet again you can simply upload your stuff to a different website with literarely zero responseability. wellcome to the internetz

    also by your logic, we should ban all fanart, dojinshi manga, indie games and spin-offs because those filthy lowlife artist didnt get permission from original creator :0 go now literarely delete 99,9% of your ecchi picture folder :0

    2020-08-21 17:01

    Maybe a semi-dumb question, but was this posted in June or February (DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY)? Nevermind. The first post says "Edited by: admin on 2020-03-27" which would indicate the title text is MM-DD-YYYY, thus February.

    2020-08-29 20:44

    I have a question
    If I provide a link in the video introduction
    This link is an invitation link to a third-party website
    I can raise funds when someone signs up through this invitation link

    Will this violate the rules?

    2020-09-18 06:26

    ok,I understand