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I'm thinking of quitting... (and the logistics as to why)

Okay before I start this little tirade, I'm going to be straight up and honest with folks, and I'm not going to pull any punches here..

"I'm thinking of quitting"

*Loud gasps being heard from the MMD D community here on Iwara*

Alright, look, it's not the end of the world.. or perhaps it is..

It seems that as of late any form of art is in fact behing unappreciated and it's because of the fact that I've started to see a disturbing trend..and tha is people have short attention spans, and ar lazy and are in fact uncaring ..In short, they don't appreciate artwork..

I'm goinng to tell you a little story.. back in 2004, I was forced to retire, and not by choice, I was actually forced to retire from my work due to health issues, Doctors told me to quit my job or be dead by the time i hit 50. well I toodk their advic3e and did that.. I quit..

So the question taht comes up is "What do you do with your life now that it is over?

Answer: You challenge youself.

I went out and tried a few things, one of them being art (I was always the science kind of guy, who used hard facts and figureds to ge the answers he ought. and sure even there my dreams were squashed.. So I decided to take up art..

I Tried my hand at drawing.. and you know what the most devestating reply I got was

"Don't quit your day job". (Ough, that hurt) but then what do you do when you're unemployed and you need a life, you then turn to your hobbies
and one of the hobbies I found was Miku Miku Dance.
it was a mixture of art and science.. taking computer models and manipulating data in order to take data and turn it into something artistic.

sure you go look on my opage, and you see some of the work I've done, sometimes taking days if not weeks to produce, but then I am at a distinct handicap here, cause to be honest, well, Im handicapped (ye folks I'm legally blind and yet I held a job for a while till other health issues took over..

So wait you're saying, why ar eyou telling us this.

Well the answer is simple, I take up the challenge when I am able to try and produce art..

And as of late, a lot fo my work has been rather disappoingting to say the least..

Its not that I can't make art, in fact I can. The fact is people are so unappreciative of it..
and I'm not the only one.

If you look on this thread some people quit doing art due to relationships Some do it because of the fact that they have a new career, and some of us like myslef do it for the challenge and the enjoyment of it. Like myself.

and yet we're underappreciated. Yes you heard me we are Underappreciated.
I can put the proof out there in the form of three things, namely views, likes and of course comments.

Now I'm going to giv eyou a little thoght exercise, and It's a fun little experiment to say the least.

LEt's say you enjoy doing to a strip club or some form of entertainment where dancing or dances ar earound.

let's say you enjoy a bit of entertainment and you don't say anything about that person or person..
Then one day you come in to expect to see one of their shows, and you find out that they're not there anymore. and you ask the manager why.. and he tells you why.. Cause no one commented..

See in the game of MMD, Views are one thing, it shows you how much your work is enjoyed.. IN terms of likes, it shows who does apppreciate your hard efforts but it's in comments tha it gives you something that gives you someting. and that is in fact feedback on wht you are doing wrong and why you are doing right..

but if no one comments, then are you doing it right? Or are you doing it wrong..

Well if you go to my page some of it is right, some of it si worng but it's the fat that it shows in the number of likes and views..and in fact if you don't have at least 1 comment, how do you know if you're doing it right?

A good analogy here is going to a strip club, you see a good dancer, you are gracious and give them a little cash tip and you don't say anything else, but you like the show and come back again, and again, but you say nothing to them or to their manager..

One day you come in and you sit down to enjoy your favorite dancer, an in fact the entertainment starts and you suddenly realize..
"Hey why aren't they around? You go to their manager and ask "WHey why isn't this girl up on stage, and the manager tells you the blunt truth..
"Oh her? She quit, you ask why and it's because no one commented on her peformance, and in the end, she fell into a bit of a depression and realizing they aren't doing a good job, they just up and quit." In short, what the manager is saying is that "If you had commented on her, and had said something, maybe I could have persuaded her to stay and even offered her a little extra salary (yes folks strppers are paid salaries just like office workers (and for you guys over in Japan, it's the same ther etoo).

so in a manner of speaking it's a job..

Now where was I ? Oh right I I digress.

Putting in time on a project isn't easy. It can be long nights of being alone, trying to gifure out what you are doing right what you are doing wrong, and how to go in and fix it..to make it look better, after all that's what an artist does..

I jsut recently talked to a real life aritst buddy of mine. I enjoyed and have enjoyed his art for over 2 decades, and in fact he's a lot like me. Very social and enjoyable to be around. and his work? I can say that he's a quite talented fellow to say the least. and in fact when I started showing him my works here on Iwara he commented and told me what I was doing right or wrong.. and gave me ideass on how to make things work better and that's why the views whent up..

But then as of late I've sene a disturbing trend to the side of the term "Don't quit your day job" takes on new meaning.. in short, it means 'get a life..

So that's where I am. at a crossroads of sorts.. I want to continue but.. since no one comments and only like s and views the work I've seen a disturbing trend on my work, and that is in fact that since No one comments , my work has been suffering, few and fewer views and less and less likes.. it's like the stripper analodgy here..

So why do people quit? Somettimes it's because of the fact that they are starting a relationship (Like mm3077) some of them get that new dream job they want (Like wabba for example) but sadly some of use are just tossed under the bus and are forgotten.. remember my artist friend Kevin Karstens? Well I got a letter back on the 9th stating that he was hanging up his adult artwork career, and you know why? Becuase of the fact no one ever visited his site.. and this guy has been in business for 2 decades cranking oout arkt on a daily if not weekly basis. But s of late,k the number of people who commented said nothig, and in the end he closed his site.. also I hear he's gettinga divorce due ot the fact that just like me I've social and very friendly. I try to give feedback to other artists (Sometimes you see me making a few comments (Some of them funny, some of them serious) but still it's a comment and that gives the arist or creator of a video hope..

but as for me, fewer and fewer views, fewer and fewer likes, and above all no comments..

and it' that last one is the one that comes back to what I am sitting on.. the thought of quitting and just doing MMD for my own personal enjoyment..

It's not that I don't want to shar emy ideas wit you guys, it's just that a lot of folks just don't sway anythign about it..

and it's that silence which speaks louder than words be it positive or negative.
Right now I'm going through a bit of depression, a bit of housecleaning on my comptuer and above all a new look at this.. and I'm wondering

Should I quit?

The real answer is right here on this form post. all you have to do is speak up.. or remainsilent, and like I said, by not commenting it says to me you don't want to see any mof my work anymore..Silence may be golden but then silence also kills.. Nuff said


2018-12-31 02:15

Have you mastered Raycast Shader? You can't quit until you do that.

2018-12-31 03:01

your work shouldnt be based on peoples opinion. if your goal is to do something that other people like in order to get fans and followers and to be praised than you will get distracted every time when you face someone who doesnt like your work, or even if you dont recive the expected reaction.

Your Job is to be your own biggest fan, your work is something that you enjoy the most even if no one else does. The Job is to convince the world of your ideas, its not about executing someone else ideas. the hardest task here is to love what you do and to love yourself. that means having confidence, its a force inside you.

Artist do what they do to feel special and uniqe, they want to create something exclusive that no one else does or that no one else is able to do. and they want to enjoy what they do. they seek fulfillment. fullfilment is something that you personally enjoy more than anything else in the world. No matter in which shape or dimension it appears. regardless if the world is even able to understand you.

2018-12-31 08:57

I'm just going to make it simple
you want views, likes and appreciation?
well then try to mastered how to make your video become more sexy than before, try to improve. Because it's never to late to improve.
then after you mastered that, make your own motion, then mastered sound effects.

the thing is don't make it for views and likes, make it because you can make it, then people will come.

2018-12-31 10:28

just quit.
you never had any focus and I can see by blaming others you never will, similar to another of our resident spam factory.
mmd gives users a fake sense of accomplishment, since they get praises by simply combining other peoples work. if you have no vision of what you want to make of your own, then you're not making art, you're just blindly mashing things together expecting acknowledgement.

2018-12-31 22:37

I apologize in advance for the translation google trad, I'm bad in English and the translation from French to English gives weird things.

My answer will be in 2 steps
1. reply to the author of the topic
2. My personal opinion on mmd creations

1. I do not look at your creations, I can not give an objective opinion on your work. For me an artist must create, no matter if it works or not, if it does not work it must be better. It's up to you to see if you want to be popular or just want to do what you love. In the first case adapt to the demand and improve yourself accordingly, in the second, do what you want and enjoy yourself without worrying about your popularity, it will come with the time and quality of your work. Art is never perfect and can always be improved.

2. I only give you a personal feeling, I may be wrong.
I feel that the mmd creators are too individualistic and refuse to work with others (can be a matter of pride) The collaboration between artist on the same creation would be beneficial for greater creativity, we would have less video mirror on iwara. Everyone does not have an innate talent in all areas, working with an artist in a chosen field (pattern creation, animation, framing, lighting, special effects, sounds and music) allows to share tasks and have a very high level of quality. Of course the concern is the cohesion of the group and to work for free on a project (yes, create a page patreon to use a development tool as limited as mmd it's a mess, when one earns money, he must invest in tools more performent.)

2019-01-01 06:39

If your goal is to get views and likes at this site, then you'll need to make videos that cater to the audience's preferences. It's rather easy to see which types of videos get the most attention here (https://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos?sort=likes is a starting point) and then spot some common trends:
A ) Motions featuring sexual intercourse or masturbation
B ) Models used are full-bodied and generally have a high level of anatomical detail
C ) Technical mastery of lighting, shaders and effects, often used in innovative ways
D ) Custom motions and cameras (often, but not always)
Any vid you upload to Iwara will effectively be competing against those types of videos for views and likes. If you want to garner more views and likes, you can try to take tips from those and emulate their formula. Just realize that if you follow this path, you're now making art for others and not yourself, and finding inspiration may suffer as a result.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can just say "fuck the ratings", and make art that follows your own vision. Others may like your work enough to give it a like, or even comment, but don't expect it. If that's too demoralizing for you, then don't upload your work, but that doesn't stop you from making it for yourself. Also, I recommend against anyone taking a "fuck the ratings" approach to the extreme where they just spam one crappy video after another. There are already a few posters that do this, and it only ends up hurting the experience for everyone.

Personally, I recommend against either extreme. In other words, don't focus solely on pleasing the crowd, but don't completely ignore their interests either. It may be challenging, but there are ways to find middle ground. Here are a few tips I'd recommend:
1 ) Avoid spamming videos. For art, quality is always superior to quantity. There's nothing wrong with taking weeks or months to craft one video if the result is good.
2 ) Improve your technical mastery of lighting, shading and effects. This is an area where pretty much everyone can improve, and the subsequent videos are almost always better as a result. For example, learn Raycast.
3 ) Find a niche. This may be difficult, but you might find a subset of viewers that really like a certain type of video that you're able to create. Then try to make more vids like that. Maybe your vids will only garner a hundred likes each instead of thousands, but at least you'll have an audience.
4 ) Absence of likes is strong indicator that you're doing something wrong. If a vid doesn't break 50 likes after a few days (or 100 after a week or so), there's probably something wrong with it (probably many things wrong actually). Trying to figure out what went wrong may be hard if you get no feedback, but start by changing pretty much everything (model, stage, song, lighting, effects, etc) and spend more time and effort making your next attempt. Repeat until you get there, or give up. Not everyone can be an MMD artist.

2019-01-01 07:43

Your advice makes sense, but I keep seeing weird outliers. A video I spent a long time working on will get less attention than something I legitimately just threw together in a day. How do you sift through the outliers to see what people are paying attention to?

2019-01-01 09:25

There are multiple reasons that can happen. In the case of a quick video that got many likes, you may have stumbled upon a winning formula with the contents of that video. Perhaps the model or song is more popular than others you've used. If it included elements of humor or drama, the specific imagery may have translated extremely well to other cultures.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible to spend a lot of time on a video which very few people enjoy watching. Perhaps the time-consuming video with few likes used an unpopular model or song. Or perhaps most viewers didn't like something about the the lighting, the shaders or one of the effects it used. If it included elements of humor or drama, the specific imagery may not translate very well to other cultures.

The number of views could also be related to the time of the day or day of the week that it was uploaded. There seem to be certain times when more people are viewing this site, and as a result, videos posted just prior to that may tend to get more likes. There also could be a factor of how many competing videos were uploaded near the same time frame. For example, if only 10 videos are uploaded one day, and 50 are uploaded the next, the videos in that batch of 10 might garner more views, since your video is easier to spot and your thumbnail may have a better chance to stand out. By contrast on those days when a bunch of vids get uploaded, viewers might not be able to see them all, or might give up after seeing several low quality spam videos uploaded that day. Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do to control this.

2019-01-01 12:23

I'm one of those people, who probably won't be popular with the audience. However, i personally did not set goals or how to stand out among the crowd, for me it was important to leave a trail. And the trail - this is to leave links to download the material, that i use in the video, namely motion, cameras, music, stages and models. It is enough for me to realize that it can be useful to someone, such a way i chose for myself. Naruto was in season 1 of outcast, but is it broke? Of course not, and i will not deviate from my ideas! At least for now.

2019-01-02 04:57

@Dr.Cossack - I appreciate that you provide those links with your videos. Even if those vids don't garner many likes, I suspect members are (or will be) using those links to help track down some of those models, stages or motions.

If you're looking to boost your likes, I think your vids could benefit by using a different shader and by adding just a few basic effects like Diffusion, ExcellentShadow, DoF, SSAO/SvSSAO, etc. Once you have MME setup, most of those effects and various shaders take very little effort to include, and they can really help make the resulting video look a lot more polished and pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, if your primary goal is to show the models and stages in their rawest form, then the lack of shaders or effects may be intentional, though the result likely won't be as appealing.

2019-01-05 14:14

Well, consider that so long as you can afford it, nothing is necessary, apart from needing to eat, sleep and use the bathroom. If you enjoy using mmd, continue to use it, if you don't, drop it. If view numbers are your thing, play to people's interests.

I would also like to echo the sentiments in Jijiman's post. It's important to establish working relationships, because otherwise, there'll be nobody to pick you up when you fall, and you'll lie there, concussed. I never upload videos, but I still talk to people, and there's still people I'm closer to than others who I like to talk to privately, because there's value in doing so.

In terms of feedback, I don't like rate ups or down votes, because that stifles discussion without prejudice to the person, and that's why there'll always be more discussion on 4chan than reddit. Blowing smoke up someone's arse by hitting a button, or giving them a small electric shock by hitting a button, is not open dialogue. People also have a tendency to hit the like button and bugger off, when they could leave a very short comment of appreciation, criticism, or anything else they felt like saying. Because that's engagement, anyone can hit a button - you can hit it by accident, even. You can't accidentally write out words on a screen, unless you're a monkey in the multiverse banging out Hamlet on a typewriter, in which case MMD is the least of your concerns, get back to work.

On the matter of the site, the search would benefit from a lot more functionality than it already has. There are so many options on other sites that aren't here.

Patreon is an interesting topic, because my personal belief is that it does nothing to create artists, it merely gives those who please a large number of people some meager income. It's a very modern idea that art is that which generates an income, an idea which is either backwards or simply not relevant depending on your interests.

2019-03-13 00:23

This sadly is a trend that's all too common in all facets of the internet. Having a decreasing amount of likes given and even less comments / retweets is just something that is happening everywhere (youtube, tumblr, twitter, redtube, etc). Iwara is not an exception. If you want to support others and see them continue, do your best to give positive affirmation on their output. Self-drive and improvement is incredibly important but also is that feedback.

2019-03-29 06:58

Been debating if I should add my 2-cents to this thread, but here it is,

I try to make the best videos I can with what limited talent I have and what my laptop can handle; trying new things and creating new characters to keep my work interesting. If you compare my views, likes and comments to other videos; you can see that the numbers are lower than others, even the poorly made videos get more likes, views, and comments than mine. Typically when posting a new video, a get 1 like per 100 views and I'm lucky if a video gets a comment.

But the reason for the low traffic for me (at least I think) is the reoccurring niche in my work. I make primarily futa, more specifically; normal to small-sized penis futa. Pretty/cute futas. And if you guys don't know, that's a very uncommon niche within the hentai community. And also looking at other futa videos on here, my videos focus more on the dancing and music rather than just straight-up sex, so I won't get as many views.

But while I appreciate comments and such, I'm not going to do videos with things I'm not into just to get more views, likes and comments. I'll make what I like, but try to find ways to improve and try new things and make new characters/outfits to keep them interesting. And similar to how Dr. Cossack does with providing material for DL; other folks who are also into this uncommon niche can have my content to enjoy.

Find things to improve on, try new things that may enhance your work, but most importantly do what you enjoy. Like-minded people will find your content.

2019-03-29 09:17

>is the reoccurring niche in my work. I make primarily futa
the staggering amount of futa porn says otherwise
the problem with your videos is that the dick is simply there, it doesn't do anything. the models doesn't acknowledge it. its as special as having a model in pink colors or slightly larger boobs.
futa video with 100k views
video with uncanny models, but incorporating the fetish and doesn't even have sex in it 40k

Climaxing, masturbation, going from flaccid to erect - there's plenty of examples what you can do to actually improve the overall experience of the video. Some of these are even easier to do than making new characters/outfits.

2019-03-29 17:08

@ Guthix

I made limp-erect morphs for the default penis model I use, and I would like to make masturbation videos and especially include ejaculation effects. But while I can tweak some motions to work with my models, I can't get a perfect ejaculation effect going. I did try using that water fountain effect that Ley Line Walker demonstrated for us, but even after doing everything according to all the instructions I could not get the effect going. I either got the unusable white ball or it crashes MMD.

I'm blaming the system I got. While I paid good money for a better quality laptop, that was before I thought about doing MMD, so I don't think I have the best hardware. It runs hot whenever I got it open. And since some things can be tedious, I started working the models, cameras, and motions with my projects before loading the effects so it'll be easier on my laptop.

2019-03-30 22:39

you don't have to use high end stuff, there are semen models that some creators use to physically stick on bodies and other alternatives.
as for pc issues, it might be related to something else, like using the wrong bit version, not having all the ms framework plug-ins or not setting pc region to japan.

2019-03-31 18:11

understanding. You always were helpful when i first came to MMD and you have made some amazing stuff.
It is hard to stay motivated trying to be artistic when spend days making something perfect for everyone and get 100 views,
or get a nude model. Drop in a random motion and background in 20 min and get thousand of views.

you need to do art for yourself. That was why i stopped tring to make good models of missing girls, and focused instead on my edf girls.
I made them for me. I set my self a chalange of trying to make somtings As nice as a J&J original, make a a group of them at once. Make the outfits from scratch. And hopefully have something To be proud of at the end.

If your not doing art for yourself then sharing it, but instead making art for the little like button. you'll have a hard feeling both artistic and appreciated.
I've loved your work. as a creator I'm sorry that i spend most time making and not a lot looking. You uptown funk motion was the first motion I downloaded. I loved it it made me want to make more videos. Its still one of my favorite motions. I almost used it for my Edf release video I need to make. I might use sexshooter instead or gentlemen as i already have a 6 girl motion saved for that dance.

You'll be missed, and thank you for sharing and inspiring those of us looking for more then cheap T&A.
best of luck, and best wishes on your healf. Leave or stay, do it for your self and it will be the correct choice.