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Ideas for a NTR story

I didn't know if this is the right forum. So I'm sorry if it's not.
I'm thinking of a simple NTR story to make but having trouble coming up with so ideas. So a couple go to the beach. Boyfriend or husband leaves girl on breach a while to go do something. Another guy comes in and him and the girl fuck while boyfriend/husband is gone. Now the problem I'm having is coming up with what the boyfriend/husband leaves to go do long enough for the other guy to fuck the girl. He would be gone for at the least 30 minutes and unaware of whats happening. I'd love to heard others peoples idea. Please and thank you

2022-06-21 21:14


- Couple drives to beach for a long time.
- The couple arrives at the big beach.
- It's really crowded and there is barely any space left.
- Girl says she really want's to eat something.
- The couple splits up, Guy goes to get some food and Girl searches for a place to rest.
- After a while, Guy finally finds a place to get some food but the line is really long.
- Meanwhile the girl can't find a place to rest.
- Some Cool Sacks (haha, get it?) see the troubled Girl and offer her to take place next to them.
- The Girl accepts the offer, little did she know it was all a ploy to butter up to Girls.

Main part

- After some smooth talk, the Girl need to go to the toilet, but there is none nearby.
- The Cool Sacks tell the Girl there is a spot behind some rocks or smth.
- Since it was urgent, the Girl followed the cool guys to the secluded area.
- Cool Sacks assault the Girl
- Girl doesn't like that
- ?????
- Girl likes it
- Guy finally got the food but can't find his Girl
- Cool Sacks take turns on the Girl
- Guy get's hindered by all kinds of things:
bumping into assholes, volleyball falling near him, needing to piss,
kid searching for his mother (that is also getting banged idk), etc.
- Cum moment -> Ahegao face / Loud Moaning


- Time skip forward/ Video Cut to Girl calling & waving her Guy to come over.
- Guy is relieved, rambles about all the shit he had to go through as he approaches.
- Meanwhile, Camera pans to Girl thighs from behind, dripping with cum
- "Hey honey, these cool guys were so kind to let us sit here..."
- Worried_Guy.png
- "Oh, could you get something to eat for the others.
They had quite some fun before and are really hungry for more. Pretty please?"
- wife_turned_slut_teehee.mp3
- "I-If you say so Honey..."
- Yes_Honey_meme.jpeg
- The End

Thank you for cumming to my TED Talk.

2022-06-22 02:45

Normally NTR short videos carry this structure...
girl fucks with someone else while lover is sleeping in the same room.
girl fucks with someone else while lover pretends to be asleep in the same room.
girl fucks with someone else while while lover watches through the halfclosed door.
girl fucks with someone else while lover is distracted.

If you pay attention to the above situations a pattern emerges.
Basically to make a short video without much history and that the NTR theme is implicit, it would be like this, with the sentimental partner of the girl present in some way.
Because if you take the girl's sentimental partner out of the equation, the videos automatically turn into any ordinary H-video.
that only in short videos.
I think that in short videos you should leave everything explicitly implicit, to save video time in explaining the situations

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2022-06-23 04:56

Make him go take a shit

2022-06-23 16:11

The reason is simple.
My boyfriend/husband has diarrhea. and had to go to the toilet.
or boyfriend/husband Go to the mini-mart to get food for his girlfriend.
Or your boyfriend/husband left something at a hotel near the beach. So let my girlfriend go to swim at the beach first.
(Actually, both of them should go back to the hotel together.)