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#1 2021-09-15 18:08

i swear videos made in blender/cinema 4d/autodesk maya (etc.) are almost always the same

for starters, you have your cloth physics, (mainly your sexy/skimpy uniform made by the fellow MMDers on baidu), any Azur Lane character or Miku or Haku, an overused motion (usually by NatsumiSan) for example: Marionette, SHAKE IT, MISTER, Devil, Snapping, THE BADDEST, New Thang, 小鹿亂撞 (小鹿亂撞 is like the theme song of chinese blender videos). it's all the same, all over again, nothing unique. it's hard to find any of these types of video that are actually good, the only person i can think on the top of my head is Forget Skyrim, but most of the time it's all the same. oh and to mention, most of these videos are made by Chinese people (no hate to Chinese people, some of them make really amazing content) but sometimes there is no uniqueness to them and it gets really frustrating sometimes. any thoughts?

2021-09-15 18:26

I have to agree!

I'm actually learning blender myself. I'm trying my hardest to get my loli gals i made in HS2 into blender, i got one girl into there, no textures or rig though, but her mesh is there.

i really want to do blender videos eventually, I would love to do an animated story short in blender, with softcore yuri scenes.

Alas, to the topic. yes they re all the same, the cloth is well... way to silky and flowy, the breasts are waaaay too jiggly enough to knock the girl out if she jumps up to fast lol.

yes, breasts bounce, but not to THAT extent. and sure, it isn't real but blender can render so realistic, the thighs don't jiggle, a subtle thigh wobble along with a butt shake and little stomach quiver can make a 'way over used motion' (I'm guilty of this too, I'm not an animator... a good one anyway) turn from, 'ugh the same' to, 'oh okay that was neat'.

Tone down the fun bags physics a bit, weight paint some new bones for a thigh wobble, be creative with the clothes falling off, with the environments they're in. let the creative juices flow, instead of just, 'I can use blender'.

still though its pretty damn hard work using blender as I'm finding out, so what I just listed I can't do my self and it's probably pretty tricky :/

I'm also not making money off what I'd make and even I want to improve the quality that's out there.

Mr. Pink does the thigh and stomach physics well, I don't like the sin sacks in his vids though :/

2021-09-15 18:31

i tried to attempt to make an mmd blender video, but the viewport was you know, laggy, and plus i am still learning blender so i dont really know what to do. it's fine if you use overused animations (i do too, not saying that you cant) but at least make the video interesting enough. i cannot count how many mmd blender videos that are almost exactly the same, i cant take it

2021-09-16 04:20

yeah, my new pc can handle blender really well (it better its cost me 5 grand plus lol) the only thing limiting me at the moment is my actual skill, and experience using it.

I hope I am able to actually do it, the girls would love to migrate from hs2 maps into more elaborate creations I could conjure up :P

I am pretty new to Iwara, so I've been going through past works on the site way back to 2015 and some creativity in the videos blows away what's made today. they might not look as "good" but man just the situation the girls are in and some have episodic stories too, i especially liked Heckovic's (excuse the spelling) videos. those time seem to be the golden age of Iwara. and I'm sad I wasn't here to try join in.

I want to see, like a proper strip using blender cloth, the character actually gripping the clothes and ripping it off, instead of the clothes just, falling off, which would require adding and removing key frames from animation dances in blender and animating the cloth (I think or it could be simulated I haven't done that yet) it my goal at least.

2021-09-16 06:24

rendering a video is the "easiest" thing in the world. You just need to download everything from the internet, put it together and hit the "render" button, that's why the render (most) of the ones you see all look the same, although some are a complete delight to the eyes, those physics in the cloths are very mesmerizing.
the difficult thing is to do the animations