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#1 2020-05-23 13:11

How to make the morph like this model


Lift the coat or shirt up,Push the bra up,The rope of the bikini is broken, like hanging on the body

I try used PE do like this morph,but use in MMD,that's not my want

whatever,on youtube,niconico or other,I can't find Tutorial just like this (maybe that mean i m stupid,ORZ)

sooo...Can anyone give me a tutorial,ORZ,thankyou


2020-05-24 00:46

The image is broken? I cannot see the example.
To make clothes distort like this is usually difficult. This is usually a "vertex morph". To make a vertex morph is easy. To make a good vertex morph is very difficult.
To make a new "vertex morph" in PMXEditor:
1. in View window, Edit(E) > Morph Editor(K)
2. click "Start Edit" button
3. move the clothing vertex in the View window (this is the hard part), push the bra up, lift the shirt, etc
4. click "Append" button
5. click "Start Edit" button again to stop morph edit mode
I hope this helps a little bit!

2020-05-24 11:32

image size 21.9mb,wait pls
It`s hard to move the vertex,I listen to others,may need to change the bone shape
I'm still trying,thank you