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How do you rig Accessoires?

Hi everyone,
I made a few accessoires for MMD Models, that need to be rigged to the specific model to look authentic. I´m using blender to make these and import the mmd Model as reference to weight paint it.

The Problem starts now:
When exporting everything and posing it in PMXe, the mesh deformation is not accurate anymore. I noticed my accessoires are rigged with BDEF algorithm so I changed it to SDEF like the rest of the model. Still not good. The bones used for the accessoires are the same as the respective body bones. I tried to us seperate ones and parent it to the body. Well, futile... Even trying to weight it in pmxe directly never brings it to a close fit with the body. I tried changing the SDEF Settings manually, (e.g. copying the values from the body vertices to the ones from the accessoire.) Also nothing. It appears there is some Information about the vertices that I don´t know about or cannot see.

Here I used a rigged test leg with a small grey pipe going over the knee:

How do you rig your accessoires, if at all?
Any idea what I´m missing? I would really appreciate any help. Tried to solve this problem for almost 3 days now.

Here is the test Model I made to show the problem:

2019-12-08 06:18
2019-12-08 06:46

The comment above...
...or if you prefer doing it manually, there's an SDEF mask vertex group generated when you bind it in Blender. There might be some weight errors in there.

2019-12-09 00:04

I´ll be damned, the WeightTransfer plugin actually works. What was I rigging the models for hours for?

I did check the SDEF vertex group, but adjusting it didn´t seem to have any effect on the accessoires at all, only the body was affected in the desired way. Maybe didn´t see the trees in the forest after hours trying to find a solution.

Thanks a lot. You made my weekend..

[EDIT] The Problem continues ! ! ! :
The transfered weight needs some adjustment, since the gradient is not smooth but more like stairs. Now I don´t see any way to adjust the SDEF Settings to get genuine gradients.

After transfering the weights, the accessoire moves accoring to the leg with bad gradient. Now, weightpainting it in PMXe, it loses its "SDEF" attributes forever and never moves according to the leg, no matter in what way I paint it. In that situation, changing the sdef_vertex_mask in blender after importing it has no effect anymore.
Simply changing the bone weight or SDEF mask in blender directly, never results in smooth gradients, since it doesn´t seem to support gradients at all. Looking at the generated mask, its always just 1, or 0.

[EDIT] I found the root of the problem but no solution ! ! ! :

I really hope this post doesn´t turn into a book^^

The parts of the body that have 100% weight, only correlate to one bone, hence will be deformed with BDEF, since there is no 2nd bone to define a center point for the SDEF algorithm.
That means the TransferWeight plugin doesn´t generate a vertex_mask for that area.
If an accessoire covers an area with a shared weight with an SDEF algorithm and an area with 100% weight (BDEF), than the vertex of the assecoire will be distorted at that very transition. That transition will continue to exist, even if I paint the vertex_mask in blender. It seems there is some underlying information missing in blender (and PMXe?).

Now the Problem:
As far as I could see: neither blender nor PMXe provides any means to manually add and adjust the SDEF information needed in an intuitive way (except maybe changing every single vertex. [but >10.000 vertices: its unrealistic] if that is really the information thats missing)
I have no idea how the SDEF information for the rigged body got there in the first place, since simply changing the algorithm to SDEF doesn´t work.

In case you wondered: the accessoires in question do not always align with the body like general clothes do. Some are like "bondage" accessoires that stretch over several parts of the body. That is probably why the plugin does not do the trick for me. Well not completely anyways...


Does anyone have an idea, how to add the SDEF information?
I´m now two stops further, but still stuck. Please help! ! !.