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#1 2019-06-23 07:35

How do you gather an audience?

I like knowing that other people like what I create. The videos are fun to make, but seeing the view counter go up is fun too. I've gotten up to 15k views on a video. My average is 7.2k.

I want to gather an audience, but I'm not sure how. My most popular videos fall into 3 or 4 different categories. It's tricky to tell what people like.

How do you gather fans?

2019-06-23 11:53

Nobody in any industry gathers fans by doing a normal-looking job.
They either do or have something that nobody else does or has, or do a better job than what everyone else is doing.
For example, MisterOrzo is one of the most famous creators on this site because they produce smooth, high-quality original animations complete with sound, and they even have a few original characters, each with their own preferences and physical figures. They cater to the different people who might be into different body types.
All in all though, what's most important is that you enjoy what you do. It's the golden rule that MisterOrzo follows themselves. If you can't enjoy it, you can't truly care for it and truly do your best at it. If someone requests something you aren't sure of, you don't have to take it. Yourself comes first before any of your followers.
Have fun and happy creating!

2019-06-23 15:55

My followers seem to appreciate that I chose a theme (K-ON girls) and stick to it. Even though I hardly ever make videos anymore, surprisingly many choose to watch what I eventually upload ^^

2019-06-24 08:46

if you can jack off to your own work more than once, it will draw in others

2019-10-13 17:08

The first four words of the video title should cause a reaction like: "WTF is this!?? I simply must check it out!". And the video thumbnail should look very promising. And your username should be recognised: "I remember this chap, I've liked his videos previously".

A certain native German speaker young man once wrote in a forum thread here: "I will only like a video if it makes me ejaculate", just as Guthix hinted here above.


And this is how to NOT gather an audience: https://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/3koyzhkzafqnorjl , merely 15 likes, merely 1 like per 360 views, 1 NEGATIVE COMMENT out of 3, and even the uploader himself feels disgusted every time he watches it...

2019-06-24 20:36

I just do what ever, I use characters that aren't often used like Piststar or the Mage (Bikini Warriors) or other people's OCs. My M.O. tends to be, "if it doesn't exist, it's your duty to make it". I never see things like group sex, furry on human, and I rarely see story videos done here. I've even done videos that I know won't gain any views, like some of my April Fools video. I guess if you're searching for views, make some original animations and as a couple people mention: A good title and thumbnail can help spark attention.

And if you really want views, do anything that revolves around moral degeneracy e.g. NTR, rape, loli, bestiality, hurting women. Those have a large amount of people into that sort of thing.

Or if you prefer to be clean, make content with well known characters from like, Kantai Collection, Touhou, or any Vocaloids. People flock to that kind of stuff.

2019-06-25 20:57

Well, for me personally, the audience began to increase more, when i decided to change the format of the quality of their videos. Changing chosen shaders by me and detailed modifications of the selected characters specifically Ray Cast, because they can customize the appearance of the physique on a pretty nice eye looked.

2019-06-27 10:19

Be unique with what you make. Try and stand out and the following will come. You also have to enjoy what you make or you will get burnt out fast. I make mainly pictures that don't get high numbers of likes or views, but I enjoy making them so it is what I do.

2019-06-30 11:33

the majority of videos with 1000+ likes are Sex and Dance videos. Super lewd stuff with lots of ahegao and bestiality.
But Lolicon and Futanari wont catch everyones attention, because the majority of people is probably not intersted. there are rather niche themes that wont attract much audience. Do the Vanilla and NTR stuff but in a lewd way and make it looks good :3
I think if you manage to make a video with great looking color composition, light and effects and your model motion+camera motion are done nicely and by yourself without copy paste other peoples motions, than you will definetely attract everyones attention.
Most people do very basic stuff so you beat them all if you will be more advanced D;

plus, people have favorite girls. for me someone whos doing hatsune miku, alice the gate opener or shimakaze videos get an instant follow. i would favor those creators even if their videos are of low quality :3

people who make original characters have a hard time, its easier to jump on a popularity train instead of raising your own girls from scratch. and really, those girls are popular for a good reason, because they are truly godlike.

2019-06-30 07:48

There's a few basic categories I like to look at it through.

Content/theme- what's the scenario, the fetish it's going for? (the more it appeals to YOU the better you'll make it come to life, instead of trying something you think is popular but don't really relate to or get)

Model/Animation quality - do the models look like blocky N64 charas or smooth and shiny renders with lively, believable physics? (Not necessarily realistic physics but, done so it feels natural and not jarring)

Camera Work - Everything from the directing perspective. You can have a beautiful model and super hot scenario but ruin it with crappy camera work gets in the way more than seamlessly capturing it.

You want at least ONE of these categories to be very good and appealing. Obviously the first one is easiest (sex scenes = better than average views), and the next two progressively harder but progressively more rewarding.

Having two of these be great makes for a very good, already far above average video.

Mastering all three is very rare but that's where the god-tier videos on this site are at.

At the very least, just try to avoid leaving one of these categories completely unattended/bad, and you'll slowly improve each one over time.

I'm not gonna try to dive into each one here, not like I'm an expert on the field anyways I don't even make MMD lol I just overanalyze media/art and shit, but I will argue that being aware of such aspects can greatly improve the quality and popularity of your videos.

2019-07-01 09:57

Some stuff about making people view your vid.
'cuz your production quality doesn't matter if they just don't bother clicking.

  • Stating the title with a software name other than MMD instantly turns some people's head away. Be sure to put it in the description instead (and not the first line either. It shows in the search page). I've learned this the hard way.
  • It's less likely for a Japanese person to click a link with the title and the username 100% in languages other than Japanese. This is the sole reason my username is in Jap.
  • If you upload directly to Iwara, the frames captured in the thumbnails seem to spread equally across the length of your vid, except the first and the last frame. Do your math and try to make the frame you want to make for the thumbnail look good. For example, if there are 5 thumbnails showed up and your video length is 3000 frames, the thumbnails are from frame 500, 1000, ..., 2500
  • Constantly change your username so people can't block you out with the furui addon.

Some of these might not be true, though. I'm just a few months into the production line.

2019-07-04 23:08

oh i could talk about this topic forever :3 I know how to get the desired attention, but im just to lazy to do it myself because it require lots of honest real work, which is just, you know, not my thing :D Im a little gifted motherfuker who waste all his talent by refusing to get working X3 hataraku ma ke!

For example, MisterOrzo is one of the most famous creators on this site because they produce smooth, high-quality original animations complete with sound, and they even have a few original characters, each with their own preferences and physical figures. They cater to the different people who might be into different body types.

nah, i think orzo get his popularity only for his hard work and his original motions, which he also shares. and thats good. but i dont think its a good idea to use characters that people dont care about like pistar or the less popular touhou characters, he even kind of hate on popular characters and sex and dance videos, just because its popular D;

@ ノッさん【虚無の力】
people like MMD the way it looks, its hard to imitate MMD style with other software, so people turn away when they notice this is not MMD style. it has nothing to do with non japanese usernames or the title. im not looking at the titel anyways, im only interested in the thumbnail

2019-07-01 19:53

actually, I hate dance videos because there's no effort that goes into making them; literally anyone can make one, they're not special and I don't see the appeal of some girl doing dance movements while being nude

2019-07-01 23:32

yea i know exactly what you mean, i hate them too. but the problem is there are allways easter eggs in between that seems like low effort production but somehow still fucking great X3 this type of video easily fail for alot of obvious reasons, but when they dont fail its super good :3

2019-07-02 05:08

That's my problem. Most of my videos revolve around the dancing. I change it up with new outfits, characters, and other things as much as I can. But looking back yeah I haven't done much actual sex stuff.

Personally it's my lack of faith in my system and I worry about frying my laptop. I bought my laptop before thinking about doing MMD content, and it runs the CPU and GPU high when further effects and models are loaded, so I didn't get the best laptop for this kind of stuff. I definitely should've gotten a gaming laptop. My biggest trouble is with cum effects and the best ones always cause MMD to crash on me, or I simply can't get them to work. But I do have some decent cum things though it does take some work and it's not usually perfect. I did get some new sexual motions to try, so I'll get those started soon.

I'm going to make what I want to make and people who want the content I make will come. I'll try new things without frying my laptop, and I did just discover what the "low power" thing is supposed to do, so maybe that will allow me more safety to try new things. Like everybody else says, you gotta enjoy doing this and what you make. Most of us (I assume) started using MMD to make content we want to make. While I do appreciate comments and likes, I stopped worrying about getting a huge audience. But if you want a larger audience, you do gotta new things that aren't just restricted to simple nude dancing (that's more important), or at least share your content to a wider audience that's into what you make.

2019-07-02 08:00

Post whatever you like and don't pull what coolcatman is pulling that will destroy your audience. Tbh I just made my stuff for fun.

2019-07-03 00:45

having fun is good, but its much more fun when your content is recived well by the audience :)

2019-07-03 02:49

Dancing in the foreground and Fucking in the background with mellow music can make a good video that can raise Stats. Then to satisfy Loli.Fetish and utterly gross viewers sometimes also gets good Stats. But if you dont like what you make and only make request you lost in the game of R18 creating in MMD. I had a video that had shitty views and likes in Iwara but searched the web and found it in porn hub with 100.000 views go figure.

2019-07-06 06:10

>found it in porn hub with 100.000 views go figure.
link or it didn't happen

2019-07-06 06:49

LOL Linking a video that I made that was put in another site with out my permission would give legitimacy to video thiefs. So not happening. Gives you something to do since your not making videos Guthix. Happy searching. Oh doing searches for popular models and motions-songs-stages can give good views and likes also steamybeats Huggs to All O_O

2019-07-06 11:29

Be original, good, and consistent. Find a niche you'd like to delve into, and make quality videos of that niche as often as possible. People will appreciate you all the more for it and you will find an audience -- it's even more so inevitable with porn than any other content in my experience.

2019-07-07 07:00

>So not happening
yeah... you're full of shit as per usual. you're the last person who should be giving advice on drawing an audience

2019-07-07 15:32

:) Awwwwww Poor Loser Gut Dick wants my attention. But I have BETTER things to do than argue. So back to my fun hobby tootles. :)

2019-07-08 22:41

>wants attention
says the human trash who literally makes threads to draw in views, because he's the worst mmder on this website.

2019-08-03 01:49

simply put; its not worth the time to search for DNNinetail videos on pornhub, or find me just one (real) person who actually cares. Sounds like haterate but we are actually being nice with this person as much as possible..

to put it in numbers; DNNinetail recive a total of 1k views per video on average. literarelly everyone else recive more than 3k views per video allrdy on the first week. Its save to asume that DNNinetail recive only views from people who accidentely click on his video, or from people who come to iwara for the first time. At least i can not imagine anyone else would be curious about DNNinetail developement or newest Uploads.

another important thing; every creator has a reputation, if a dissliked creator suddenly start to make amazing videos it will take some while until people understand he has become good now. you probably will disslike a video from a infamose creator even if its good. to restore your trust and belive in him this creator will have to upload a ton of good videos until people start to like him again. But certain trollers will never recover again, unless they go with a new account D;

But, i never experienced that an MMD creator has become good, all the neat creators was kind of awesome from the start, because all you really need is some creativity. Many people are simply not creative, their videos wont get more interesting just because their technical skill level improve over time. I just transfered my experience with artist who are doing drawing, their stuff gets more interesting with increased skills. But i cant confirm this for MMD D;

2019-07-12 19:55

One trick is to let one Vocaloid, one Idolm@ster, one Touhou and one KanColle girl dance side by side, just because the uploader wants to click all four tags to draw more viewers. A worse trick is to click every tag there is no matter what the content is.

2019-07-12 18:38

there are no tricks there is only competition. getting attention, wanting to see peoples reactions or simply to share something of value is the whole point of uploading anything. some people wants to get popular some people just wants to share the love its one of those two. me personally just love mmd and wants to check for new videos every day D;

2019-08-04 05:50

I also don't get very many views (which I kind of expect since I mainly make MMD videos to cater to my own fetish) but I did notice an increase in views and ratings after I used some popular characters in my last two videos. Probably pretty obvious but people are definitely more likely to click on videos if they feature characters they know/like.

2019-10-08 02:23

You toss raw meat into a den of lions and see if they will eat it up.

2019-10-11 00:47

To get lots of views have a loli getting pounded by a huge cock

2019-10-11 15:02

wrong, loli is a niche not supported by many. People are afraid that they would get in trouble if they view material featuring underage looking characters. But its a wrong belive. Have you playd that new "Agony UNRATED" Game on Steam? Its a Hell Simulation featuring extreme Gore, lots of blood literely rivers of blood, most immoral sexual acts and brutal murder. And they are getting away with it since its all fiction and fantasy, but people are still to chicken to click "like" on a Loli video, they would only come online to iwara via vpn or the tor browser.

conclusion, vanilla videos get all the official like and download counts.