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#1 2021-09-26 20:41

How to disassemble the model?

I have an evil(guro) idea.
I want to use MMD to make a picture about beheading.
but I don't want to load two models for this every time, increasing the risk of MMD crashing.

I would like to convert (or add) this selected (red) circular IK joint into a square FK joint.
and I want the FK joint to be separated from the body, while maintaining the primary and secondary relationship (relative position) between the joint and the body, and the FK joint will not deform the appearance near the joint when it is displaced.
like this: 02.png(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ArGSL1yZ4lAuOM46i5SKSwaWpabricpM/view?u...)

the main thing is that I do not know where PMXEditor has the option to convert IK to FK, otherwise I can actually accept the head as a separate model.

I guess this problem is a bit difficult, so I made a walking model, you can download it as a reward.

and you can answer in Chinese because I can understand.

Hope someone can help...

2021-09-27 03:19

I think going for a separate model is best for your situation since to keep it a single model you would have to fiddle with bone weights near the neck which can be a little tricky

2021-09-27 04:09

the ideal would be to use 2 or more models.

a while ago I wanted to make a video about harakiri seppuku or whatever it is called, with beheading.

What you can do is, to your model see if he has the head separated from the body (in all the models it is like this) something like that.

you open the model in the PMX-Editor and delete all the parts of the body other than the head and save it as "head.pmx"
then you do the same but with the body you remove all the parts of the head and save it as "body.pmx"

then to the head.pmx to the neck bone you convert it to type "MOV" and save the model.
then in the MMD load the 2 models the head.pmx and the body.pmx and the head model.pmx in the neck bone you give the option "OP" (outside parent) and so the head will follow the body during The motion until you decide to "behead" her.
something like that is what I would do, I hope it serves you

2021-09-27 04:15

Basically you need a model for each part of the body but that each model conserves all the bones.
then you just load the Motion to each model of the body parts so they would move together and when you need to separate them you move the model of the part that you need to separate.

Yes it is possible to put everything in the same model but you have to make many modifications to the skeleton, so I think it is easier to have different models for each part of the body with its skeleton intact so you can load Motions to all

2021-09-27 16:27

HoAy, your answer is sooo** nice!
How come I didn't think the solution is actually so simple, I must be thinking too complicated.
I'm almost done with it, I just don't have the right model to sew it up on the cut side of her.
do you have any information or sources to provide?

it's okay if you don't, if you want the modified model, just send me a message and I'll give it to you directly.

2021-09-27 17:08

NICE! The setting is finished.
Except for the cutting surface is not mapped, everything else is finished!

2021-09-28 07:02

Here I put you a quick and poorly done video of the procedure that I would use doing what I had already explained to you before.
Obviously to do that you must already have knowledge about the PMX-Editor and how to edit Motions and others.
to see if it works for you