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#1 2020-10-28 21:08

How can a non-Chinese download files from Baidu?

Hello fellow MMD lovers!

Luckily, most MMD makers who upload higher quality versions of their works than Iwara allows do so by using MEGA or Google Drive. But some use pan.baidu.com. Apparently one can download files smaller than 200 or 300MB from within the browser but for bigger ones one needs their Disk utility and an account. There are open source alternatives to this disk utility such as baidupcs-go but one still needs an account.

Problem is: you need a Chinese phone number to create one. And apparently need to solve Chinese captchas from time to time too.
I've tried Chinese throwaway phone numbers but it always says that the format is incorrect. Even if I put in my own phone number. Can someone explain this to me?

So, is it even possible for a non-Chinese person to download bigger files from Baidu? If so, how?

If you want a sample, here is one I wanted to download:
Password: sw19
Apparently, it is 10G in size :o
This link is from here: https://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/0njeoh0g3ahzobkxl

Thank you very much!

2020-10-28 22:13

I was trying yesterday to create an account but i was not able, you need to find a chinese friend XD.

2020-11-01 04:29

it is really headache when I see a file I want in pan.baidu.com .Even I use the application and have an account, I only have less than 100kb/s speed with it if I am a free account.

Attention,I just find this method seems to be effective only in China
So you may be disappointed, but if you have no other choice, you can try it. (If you have a vpn, you can also try to connect to the Chinese region)

before,there are some ways or application to download files in baidu with no limition (account and speed, and some even no need password),but baidu make them all useless.

there is a application to help you,but many time it is no use,however,when it is no use ,the author will update soon.(so is baidu)so,maybe you can try if your are lucky you will success...
https: //yixun.writeas. com /yi-xun-pro
https ://www .lanzoux .com /b00nb544d
make sure it is up-to-date,though it may fail too.(the 10G file fail to download for me. for example )But I don't know if it is useful outside china.

click on “文件(F)”→“打开(O)”,and copy the address and click on “打开” and write the password then you will see a file.Right click the file,and “下载”“备用下载”mean “download” “Alternate download”. the file is in System default download location. if you want to change the download location,
click on main interface "工具(T)"→“选项(O)”,and finally click on “浏览...” .

But I must reply ,whether it is useful depending on LUCK XD.

maybe there are any other ways,but I don't really know because I give up fighting against Baidu .

2020-10-30 23:57

Interesting, thanks for the tip!
I'll give it a try...

2020-11-24 04:13

You can send me a private message, I can help you solve it。baidu.com limits the download speed so it is very time-consuming ,So need to wait

2020-11-24 04:14

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