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#1 2020-09-20 18:10

Help with physics

Could someone help me with a problem? I'm trying to add physics to a dick model but the joints always end up falling, would anyone have a tutorial video or something?

2020-09-20 19:50

The joints need to be attached to 2 bodies and the body needs to be attached to a bone.

2020-09-20 21:04

Use skirt physics plugin for pmxedit
1. Select the dick floating points
2. Edit —> plugins —> user plugins —> skirt physics
3. Select plannar option, next vertical bones= 3 and horizontal bones= 1, parenting bone option select the lower body.
Click create
4. Go to the rigid body physics tab, click on the newly create physics and you have physics-1, physics-2, and physics-3, attribute physics-1 and physics-3 to no physics, leave the physics-2 to ball or box physics.
5. You have your dick with physics done.

2020-09-20 23:53

I did not find this plannar option.

In which version of PMX should I do this?

2020-09-21 08:05

In the skirt physics plugins context menu, click on the next tab to discover the option (plannar or skirt). You can try, 4 bones, 5 bones etc after you have mastery 3 bones. Use the version that work on your pc and compatible with the skirt physics plugin latest version, I use both Pmdedit and pmxedit and swap between two.